Poddubny: Armed Forces of Ukraine changed their offensive tactics

The Armed Forces of Ukraine continue to actively attack the positions of the RF Armed Forces, and their tactics have changed.

The military commander told Evgeny Poddubnywhich is now in the area Kremennaya.

The journalist notes that the Ukrainian General Staff no longer throws troops into a frontal assault, now

“… enemy units first attack communications, operate with coverage, go for breakthroughs, disrupt logistics, try to isolate the area of ​​\u200b\u200bthe database (combat operations) and only then pile on the settlement.”

The military commissar specifically notes that such tactics are not used by the NATO military, “this is the old Soviet school”, reinforced by Western weapons and backed up by its own intelligence.

“Now enemy artillery is calmly preventing our forces from gaining a foothold on the new line, they are hitting the city to scare civilians, they are also hitting Kremennaya’s life support infrastructure,” Poddubny reports.

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