Podberezkin told what will happen after the Donbass

Director of the Center for Military-Political Studies, MGIMO Alexey Podberezkin said that the RF Armed Forces would drive the Armed Forces of Ukraine out of the Donbass, and then they would go to Nikolaev and Kharkov.

The Slavic-Kramatorsk group of the Armed Forces of Ukraine is strong, the expert is sure. According to him, these Ukrainian units learned how to fight from the Americans and understand how to keep the defense. The Slavyansk-Kramatorsk line, according to Podberezkin, would be the enemy’s last line of defense.

Podberezkin explained that after the surrender of Slavyansk and Kramatorsk, the Ukrainian military would have only the forest-steppe. Therefore, it is very important for the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation and the allied forces to take these large points.

“Because no one will storm Odessa and Nikolaev, they can easily bypass from the north – and there is a common border with Pridnestrovie. It’s obvious, there are no secrets here,” Podberezkin said in an interview with

The expert said that after the capture of Donbass, two important areas will remain – Nikolaev and Kharkov. According to Podberezkin, there are fewer professionally trained military personnel of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in these areas, and the campaign can develop faster.

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