PlayStation Stars arrived in Latin America: what is Sony’s new point system all about

After three months of anticipation, PlayStation Stars It reached all the countries of Latin America. The loyalty program is in part a celebration of 27 years of PlayStation and an opportunity to completely free for redeem products on the PlayStation Store.

The program works like a fair system: registered users will be able to earn points for the number of monthly goals they meet, which will be specified at the beginning of each period. These missions work as an incentive system to use Sony products and what players are asked to do is meet specific goals within different titles, such as winning rare trophies in some experience or buying games within the game. digital store.

The points earned with each action can be exchanged for funds in the PSN walletwhich can be used for purchases within the PS Store, redeem for digital collectibles or get exclusive Sony games or accessories.

This system is similar to the one proposed by nintendo switch online at the beginning of the year and proposes that users also have “digital showcases” where they can accumulate special avatars and exclusive collectibles to show off to members of their digital community.

According to the post the official pagethis loyalty program will renew all the objectives monthly and will establish different types of campaigns according to the user in order to gamify the way to obtain special points.


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