Platoshkin: The alternative for Russia is socialism or collapse

Is it possible to restore socialism in Russia; Under which political system did we have more achievements – during the Russian Empire or in the Soviet Union; and also what path our country will choose now – an analogue of 1917 or 1991, said Chief Editor of Pravda.Ru Inna Novikova Nikolai Platoshkin, leader of the movement “For New Socialism”.

— Nikolai Nikolaevich, Russia did not have many friends among other countries. This situation has not arisen now, we have been moving towards it for the last 30 years. What do you see as a way out of this situation?

— Now the collapse of the Soviet Union continues. It started in 1991 and continues to do so. It just happened far from our cozy Moscow apartments. We did not care about Transnistria, nor did the civil war in Tajikistan. Even Chechnya was far away until the terrorists came to Dubrovka.

But capitalism is always war in one form or another. Socialism is always peace.

If we want peace, stability, reunification of the republics on a voluntary basis, we must restore socialism in our country. Because it is an alternative to the Western way of life. Why did other countries seek the USSR? We had an alternative way of life. If someone was offended, we helped. Then these people helped us. For example, we helped Cuba. And then Cuba helped us:

  • in Angola
  • Ethiopia,
  • Somalia.

The Cubans fought there, not us. The USSR courted many countries. And they followed him to the end. And now we have not courted anyone for a long time. As a result, we have few friends.

The Bolsheviks gathered the whole country because they gave peace to the people, land to the peasants, factory workers, women received maternity leave, education became free for the first time in the world. In 1918, Lenin called Zhukovsky and said: “What do we have with aviation?” Then geological expeditions went to all countries. Until we have a new socialist government, I can promise you nothing good.

— It was 100 years ago. Times change and the same river cannot be entered twice.

– You are absolutely wrong.

History develops in a spiral. Therefore, we are for a new socialism. Socialism will definitely win, but it will be different, depending on the new stage in the development of society.

If you cannot step into the same river twice, why did you restore capitalism in 1991? We entered the river we left in 1917. So it’s possible.

“But in the 1990s there was not capitalism, but a monstrous parody of it.

— No, this is normal capitalism. Capitalism is a society based on the pursuit of profit. Buy for 100 rubles – sell for 120. Just such a “progressive” system.

And socialism gave us Yuri Gagarin, we almost built nuclear power plants, a thermonuclear reactor. And now we don’t even know how to approach it. This is the king gave, or what? At which 80% of people in the villages could not read or write. Now, by the way, they don’t know how either. Functional literacy problem: they can understand the letters but not the meaning. So we are now back 100 years ago.

We have no alternative: socialism or capitalism. We have an alternative: socialism or the collapse of the country. In 1991, we abandoned socialism – we lost the country. In 1917 they accepted socialism and saved the country.

Now Putin is saying that the West wants to dismember Russia. The only way to survive in this universal struggle is the return of socialism. Oligarchic Russia will not survive. The socialist will stand and win.

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