Plan to reduce consumption in Germany has failed: it will be difficult to avoid a shortage

On the background energy crisis in Europe, German citizens failed to fulfill the government’s plan to reduce gas consumption, according to EADaily.

Households and small companies in Germany have exceeded the average level of consumption over the past five years. At first, the Germans managed to moderate their energy appetites by 20%, but with the advent of cold weather, the situation changed significantly.

“Gas consumption by households and businesses last week was significantly higher than the average consumption of previous years. Therefore, the figures for this week are very sobering. Without significant savings, even in the private sector, it will be difficult to avoid gas shortages in winter,” said the head of the regulator Claus Müller.

Analysts have calculated that private households and small commercial structures account for no more than 40% of gas consumption in Germany.

“Until now, private consumers have done little to reduce gas consumption. However, this is due to the fact that gas is mainly used here for heating,” reads the information from the regulator, which notes that the true percentage of savings can only be analyzed at the height of the heating season.

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