PLA military may organize naval blockade of Taiwan

China under the guise of military exercises may block Taiwan.

This was reported by a military expert Alexey Leonkov.

According to Beijing, military exercises of the People’s Liberation Army of China (PLA) will be held from August 4 to 7 off the coast of Taiwan. The PRC has all the necessary potential for this, the observer noted.

“The next step, most likely, will be a sea and air blockade of Taiwan. Under the guise of exercises, they can close the entire maritime space around Taiwan for the duration of the exercises that no ships, and even more so civilian ships, will not be able to enter the ports of the island,” writes RIA Novosti agency with reference to an expert.

According to him, China no problem may also arrange an air blockade of the island. At the same time, Beijing will focus on the fact that Washington forced China to take this step.

Recall that the Speaker of the US House of Representatives is currently in Taipei. Nancy Pelosiarrived there on the evening of August 2.

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