“Pity the mother”: Tatyana Lazareva forbade children to return to Russia

Tatyana Lazareva with her daughters - Sophia and Antonina.

Tatyana Lazareva with her daughters – Sophia and Antonina.


Tatyana Lazareva forbade her children to return to Russia after the Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation recognized her as a person acting as a foreign agent. The TV presenter does not hide the fact that her daughters miss their former life in Moscow and want to return as soon as possible. However, Lazareva decided that it was better for them to stay and live with her in Spain.

After the start of Russia’s special operation in Ukraine, the former star of the OSP-Studio show condemned the actions of the Russian authorities. Lazareva has previously visited her homeland only on short visits – in recent years she has lived in Marbella, where she has a house. The TV presenter’s daughters lived either in Moscow or with their mother in Spain. But now Tatyana insisted on their final emigration. She explained the reasons for this in the new issue of the Dithyramb YouTube show.

“The day before I was declared a foreign agent, I celebrated my birthday,” she said. – My children and I flew to Portugal. My children asked what this status threatens. They would like to stay, but I told them: “Guys, please have pity on your mother.” I don’t want to be here at all, not to be able to come if something happened to your child there.

Daughters Sofia and Antonina Lazareva moved to Marbella at the end of February. The son of the TV presenter Stepan moved to Portugal for permanent residence. Lazareva’s husband Mikhail Shats is now in Israel. Tatyana dispelled rumors that they divorced a few years ago. According to the TV presenter, they are still married. But this is just a stamp in the passport: the spouses have not lived together for a long time, and everyone is busy with their own affairs.

Lazareva admitted that she was not going to sell her Moscow apartment. She holds events and earns two to three thousand euros a month, which is enough for her to live. The TV presenter lives on interest from deposits and sometimes arranges “meaningful dinners” for money. Earlier, Lazareva said that she was ready to wash toilets, just not to return to Russia.

– Washing toilets is not shameful for me, but for now I can afford a normal life. I try to do everything I think is necessary, and I’m not going to return to Russia, – she once said.

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