“Piqué asked him to return”: Maryfer Centeno analyzed Shakira’s song with Bizzarap


The BZRP Music Session #53 of Bizarrap with Shakira It has quickly managed to position itself in the trends, since almost two days after its premiere it already accumulated more than 65 million views on Youtube. In addition, due to the forceful lyrics of the melody where the Colombian lashes out directly against her ex-partner Gerard Piqué and Clara Chíadebates and and opinions about it they have not stopped.

It was thus that the controversial graphologist, Maryfer Ryewas not far behind and during an interview with First hand analyzed the clip of the interpreter of other hits such as If you go, Loba or the sun rises.

“It is a very clear response to Shakira’s song, this already seems like a small series, we had the I congratulate you, we had Monotony and now this song So there are three chapters to this story”, the young woman began to say before the cameras of Gustavo Adolfo Infante.

However, something that drew attention was that Centeno mentioned that the footballer possibly tried to get back together with Shakira after his infidelity with Clara became known.

“It also lets us see that Piqué asked him to return, both in the song of Monotony, as here. Sure, but ‘I won’t even go back with you’ It seems an answer as if Piqué wanted to return“Maryfer said.

Although the young woman explained that she was clear that this analysis corresponded to graphology, she stressed that it did have to do with writing, therefore, it was within her area of ​​competence.

“Let’s see Shakira’s expressions and body language, she appears serious throughout the video, every word matches every expression she is making (…) she stays up in the narrative,” she added.

Regarding the visual choice of the video, the graphologist assured that the tones used were to create closeness with the public.

“The blue color is the friendliest color of the human being (…) it does not seem to me that it is a coincidence, because what it is doing Shakira with that is to empathize with the public. She is being honest, she is showing that she hurt him”, sentenced.

Maryfer Centeno pointed out that in this new song, Shakira looks empowered and with renewed confidence after her controversial breakup.

“When he mentions the name of Clara Chía, he shows his teeth (…) demonstrating a body language that is: ‘I’m not afraid of you anymore’ I’m willing to talkr”, he commented and added:

“In Monotony It showed how vulnerable he is and even exempts him from guilt when he says: ‘It wasn’t your fault, it wasn’t my fault, it was the monotony’s fault’, it seems to be the first stage of pain when you try to justify your partner, but here it goes with everything. Here he is already clearly saying what happened (…) this is also a defense of Shakira ”,


The artist from Barranquilla is undoubtedly one of the most listened to in the world, and is the sixth most successful Latin singer in USA with a total of 2.3 million albums sold. For this reason, every time she releases a production, her audience, both in Colombia and in the world, listens faithfully.

as it says Shakira in her song, “women no longer cry, now they bill”, seems the motto of the interpreter of the recent Bizarrap session, and it is that she has always been characterized by taking advantage of love breaks to turn them into successes for her own career.


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