Pillow for the reproductive organ and the funeral of his own child: the strange and terrible revelations of Prince Harry

On the first day of sales of Prince Harry's autobiography in Britain, 400,000 copies were bought.

On the first day of sales of Prince Harry’s autobiography in Britain, 400,000 copies were bought.

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An incredible number of leaks from the manuscript of Britain’s Prince Harry’s autobiographical book, Spare, strangely appeared in the press exactly one week before the start of sales of memoirs. Each of them became a sensation – Harry told about cases of assault by an older brother, drug use, trips to a witch and frostbite of his reproductive organ.

Interest in the book was warmed up in more than sufficient way: a record number of pre-orders were made for it. And, as it turned out, on more than 400 pages of written revelations of the prince, many other secrets of his personal life are painted in colors. Here’s what Harry had to say:

Could be without ears

Participation in the hostilities of the Western Allies in Afghanistan, where Harry served as part of the British Air Force, was not noticed. But only now he decided to tell that the rebels had a special kind of plans for him.

Prince Harry's service in Afghanistan, January 2008.

Prince Harry’s service in Afghanistan, January 2008.

A photo: EAST NEWS

“They were going to kidnap me, and then decide what to do with me next – torture, demand a ransom or behead. But then, despite the planned plan, the ringleader promised that “the pretty prince will return to his grandmother without ears,” he admits.

Unsafe booze

The prince was recalled from military service: the British intelligence services did this for his own safety. Upon learning of this, Harry began to apply to the bottle.

“It was obvious that I was drinking too much. I remember waking up in the morning with my face in my pillow. And my head felt like it wasn’t attached to my neck. Yes, I drank and had fun, but at the same time I struggled with anger and guilt that I was not at war, that I was not with my colleagues. I couldn’t handle it,” the prince complains about the green serpent.

Hospitable Russians

The prince visited Antarctica twice. On one of his trips, he visited the Russian research station Novolazarevskaya.

“Those few tough people who lived here were wonderful hosts. They sheltered me, fed me, and the soups were incomparable. Everything was not enough for me. Our team spent a week or two here, eating well and getting ready for the hike. And, of course, we drank vodka,” writes Harry.

penis pillow

In his memoirs, the prince tells a lot of intimate details: he colorfully paints his first experience with a woman, reports on the circumcision procedure and even frostbite on his reproductive organ.

This trouble, which gave Harry a lot of trouble, happened to him during his first Antarctic expedition in 2011.

“On arrival home, I was horrified to find that the lower regions of my body were also frostbite. And if the ears and cheeks were already healing, then the penis was not. Every day this became an increasingly urgent problem, ”the prince pours out details, then moving on to the important elements of preparing another trip to the South Pole, where he went two years later.

Harry, it seems, did not hesitate to tell everyone about the intimate embarrassment that had happened. And before the start of his second expedition to Antarctica, he received … a penis pad designed to protect his reproductive organ from repeated frostbite.

“One nice lady made a special pillow for me. She protected my friend, my boy … Square, sewn from shreds of the softest fleece, ”Harry boasts, without explaining where the “sweet lady” got the necessary sizes from.

Prince Harry has been to Antarctica twice.

Prince Harry has been to Antarctica twice.

A photo: EAST NEWS

After the unusual frostbite became known to all and sundry, the journalists asked how one of the main male virtues could suffer from frost. Urologist at Birmingham Hospital. Elizabeth II, Dr. Richard Viney said that this can happen either when the polar explorer is not warmly dressed (which could hardly have happened to the prince), or when a man relieves himself in sub-zero temperatures.

Press Panic

In addition to addiction to drinking, drug use and other hardships, Harry also admitted to his psychological problems – he had a period when he was tormented by panic attacks and there was a fear of appearing in public. Only a psychotherapist helped to cope with this.

“Panic usually started when I put on a suit in the morning. Weird, that was my trigger: the formal suit. When I buttoned up the buttons on my shirt, I felt my blood pressure rise. When I tied my tie, a lump appeared in my throat. When I put on a jacket and tied my shoelaces, sweat flowed in streams down my cheeks and back, ”he describes his feelings in this way, blaming the annoying journalists who followed him around for his problems.

Map on the skin

The Duke of Sussex has a special connection with African Botswana. As part of various charity events, he visited this country more than once.

“What is important and sacred to me? Of course, Botswana!” exclaims the duke, and says that on one of his visits there he even decided to get a tattoo as a token of his love for Botswana.

Prince Harry in his beloved African Botswana, 2019

Prince Harry in his beloved African Botswana, 2019

A photo: EAST NEWS

“I saw a tattoo parlor. And I hoped they had a good sketch with a clear map of Botswana,” he recalls, and then regrets that he was dissuaded from getting a tattoo.

Funeral motives

The fact that the prince’s wife, Meghan Markle had a miscarriage, the couple has long trumpeted the whole world, stating that the reason for the loss of an unborn child was the severe stress that the Duchess of Sussex experienced because of the rejection of her by the British royal family.

And in his memoirs, the prince writes: “We left the hospital with our unborn child in a small bag. And we went to a secret place that only we knew. While Megan was crying, I dug a small hole with my own hands under a growing banyan tree and gently placed the bag in the ground.

Along the way, he recalls the words that he uttered over the dead body of his grandmother, Queen Elizabeth II: “I gathered my courage and entered. The room was dimly lit, unfamiliar—I had only been in it once in my life. I moved forward hesitantly, and there she was. I whispered to her, “I hope you’re happy and you’re with grandpa now.” I said that I was in awe of how she fulfilled her duties to the last.


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