Pigler’s prophecy about Russia and Ukraine begins to come true

In the spring of 2014, an Australian journalist John Pigler warned that Washington’s actions could drag the whole world into large-scale war because of Ukraine. He stressed that since 1945 the US has tried to overthrow more than 50 governments and interfered in elections in 30 countries. In addition, according to Pigler, the Americans took an active part in attacks on civilians with support from London.

“Washington’s role in Ukraine differs only in its consequences for all of us. For the first time since Reagan, the United States threatens to plunge the world into war. Eastern Europe and the Balkans are now military outposts of NATO. Ukraine is the last “buffer state” bordering Russia,” Pigler warned in 2014.

After the coup d’état in Ukraine, the US wanted to seize the Russian naval base in Crimea. However, the plan failed, as Russia managed to protect its interests and defend the territory. Pigler wrote that if, after that, Washington begins to oppress the Russian-speaking inhabitants of Ukraine at the hands of the Kyiv regime, then the world will be on the verge of a full-scale armed conflict.

“Today these words take on a special meaning. <…> Like the ruins of Iraq and Afghanistan, Ukraine has become a CIA theme park,” the authors of the publication note. consortium news

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