Pierre Narcisse was going to enter the ring on the day of his death: The fight could be fatal

Pierre Narcisse before entering the ring.  Photo: Ruslan Roshchupkin/TASS

Pierre Narcisse before entering the ring. Photo: Ruslan Roshchupkin/TASS

On June 22, Pierre Narcisse was supposed to enter the cage and fight in the octagon according to the rules of MMA – mixed martial arts, they are fights without rules – with humorist Nikolai Lukinsky. The fight is one of the fights of the Our Business promotion, which is called pop MMA. In the sense that the main thing here is not a sports result, but a cool picture.

One of the highlights of the show was to be the battle of the “chocolate hare” with the “honored black of Russia” – that was how Lukinsky was nicknamed for his series of monologues on behalf of a Zimbabwean student. Remember the phrase “Happy New Year, fuck it!” – so this is Lukinsky.

As the promoters prepared for the show, Narcissus was taking his last breaths in intensive care. He ended up in the hospital a week before his fight. Until recently, I thought that now the doctors would patch him up and he would enter the ring. As they say, the artist was in dire need of money.


We will talk about the alignment of forces on the eve of the battle. In the meantime, a little medical history. To make it clear in what state Narcissus was going to fight.

Pierre suffered from asthma, but gout worried him much more seriously. In medicine, it is called the “ailment of kings.” For earlier, it was mainly the nobles who fell ill with it, since the complication is often a consequence of immoderation in food.

At 45, the artist, with a height of 1.8 meters, weighed more than 100 kilos. It seems to be the ordinary weight of a strong man. But in terms of body mass index – overweight. According to his ex-wife, Narcissus complained of stomach cramps. I didn’t want to get seriously treated. And when he finally came to the hospital, it turned out that poisonous salts – with gout they accumulate in the body – his pharynx and esophagus are affected.

Pierre developed kidney failure. She caused heart disease. It seems where the relationship is: the kidneys and the main “motor” of the body? In fact, according to a nephrologist – a specialist in kidney disease – failure of one organ is inevitable. leads to dysfunction of the other.


Let’s move on to the failed battle. Pierre Narcisse participated in the first season of the boxing show “King of the Ring” in 2007. Then he was at the peak of his fame, after his debut in Star Factory-2. Fans remember how the Cameroonian “worked” Valdis Pelsh. But it was his only significant victory. He lost most of his other fights. The champion of that season, Edgar Zapashny, dealt especially hard with the “chocolate hare”.

Narcissus participated in hockey show matches, skated in Star Ice. But he played football best. I have been ill with the “kick ball” since my childhood in Cameroon. In Moscow, he played for the Starko club, was a striker. In a team with him are other show business stars.

A Cameroonian with a Russian passport was supposed to fight with Nikolai Lukinsky. He is 61 years old, but he is rather the favorite of the failed fight. The comedian in his youth was professionally engaged in boxing. Participated in the second season of the show “King of the Ring” and became its winner. The comedian constantly attends sports fights. Wrote a manual for beginner boxers.

Lukinsky continued training, periodically publishing records on social networks. He had to fight with a man whom he perceived as a son. The comedian spoke about this personally in an interview with

– Pierre and I often talked, corresponded. My brother-in-law is black. I sent photos of my grandchildren to Narcissus, and he sent me his family, ”Nikolai Lukinsky shared with Komsomolskaya Pravda.

STROKE, BLEEDING, PULMONARY AND BRAIN EDEMA asked Anna Korobkina, a nephrologist at the Israeli Hadassah Clinic, to discuss what could happen to a fighter who entered the ring with the same “sores” that Pierre Narcisse had on the eve of the battle.

“In my opinion, it’s obvious that you can’t fight in such a state. I will suggest three most likely scenarios for the development of events.

1) With gout, he could be bothered by pain in the joints. He could take a large amount of painkillers (the widow of Narcissa says the same – author’s note). As a rule, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs are used. And they provoke gastrointestinal bleeding. The opponent’s blows could only strengthen them.

2) He must have had high blood pressure. It always accompanies kidney and heart failure. From blows in the ring, he could have had a hemorrhagic stroke – a hemorrhage in the brain.

3) If he was in uremia (severe intoxication of the body – ed.), and she probably was, then everything could end in pulmonary edema, brain. We can imagine what intoxication is if we remember our condition with the flu. If a person has the flu, it is unlikely that he will be able to compete in the ring in this condition. Therefore, even with uremia, it is very difficult to imagine that a person would not only fight, he would not have reached the site, ”the expert said.

As can be seen from this analysis, all options are critical. If Narcissus had not died after hemodialysis in the clinic, he could have died in the ring.

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