Pierre Narcisse has nothing to bury: the singer’s family collects money for the funeral

The family of Pierre Narcisse asked fans to help raise 700 thousand rubles for the funeral

The family of Pierre Narcisse asked fans to help raise 700 thousand rubles for the funeral

A photo: Boris KUDRYAVOV

Farewell to Pierre Narcissewho died the day before during kidney surgerywill take place on Saturday, June 25th. But with the place where the artist is carried out on his last journey, his family has not yet decided.

– So many things have fallen on the shoulders that the head is spinning. I have never organized a funeral, especially such complex ones, – confessed to the ex-wife of the singer Valery Kalacheva, which, until the last days, maintained warm relations with Pierre. – The fact is that in Moscow we will only arrange a farewell, and they will bury my husband in a family crypt in his native Cameroon. The process of delivering the body is very complicated and expensive. There, even ordinary air tickets cost under 200 thousand rubles, but this is still a coffin, which is transported in compliance with certain standards. Everything is very complicated: sealing, during the flight, one coffin is inserted into another … Tomorrow, by 14:00, I have to pay 700 thousand rubles – this is how much it costs to transport the body to Cameroon.

According to Valeria, she does not have that kind of money. And the amounts that Pierre Narcisse has left cannot be used by his family.

– As soon as the media reported on his death, my husband immediately turned off all the cards. The money is frozen. Six months must pass before we enter into the inheritance and be able to use some of its accumulations. And the funds are needed now, – the ex-wife explained. – I do not want to ask people for money, but Pierre’s fans, if they want, can participate in farewell to him. My colleagues at the Star Factory have already helped me a lot – Irina Ortman, Lesya Yaroslavskaya, Alexander Berdnikov. A lot of artists responded, but in the turmoil I’m afraid to forget someone. At the moment, we have already collected about 300 thousand, and the amounts continue to come. True, and costs are growing – everything changes every hour. I just transferred 38 thousand to the morgue, because I need a long embalming for the flight.

In Cameroon, according to Valeria, Pierre Narcisse will be welcomed by the whole country and buried in the family crypt along with his father and uncles.

– Finally, they will meet with dad, whom he remembered every day. Although I really don’t want to give my husband away – he is so beautiful lying in a coffin, smiling so brightly, as if he had just fallen asleep, – said the ex-wife of the artist.


Valeria Kalacheva left the details for transfers in her social networks. Money is collected on the card of the singer’s daughter, 16-year-old Carolina-Kristel:

– Thank you for your kind words, concern, tears and willingness to help. Any help would be very helpful. We accept donations to the Sberbank card 5469 3800 9857 1143.


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