Pierre Narcisse drank heavily for many years, and everyone knew about it

According to the showman Gauguin Solntsev, graduate of “Star Factory-2” Pierre Narcisse died due to alcohol abuse.

“The vodka ruined Pierre. We were friends for many years. And every time we saw each other, he was tipsy,” Prozvezd quoted Solntsev as saying.

As an example, the artist cited the wedding of actress Lena Lenina, when Pierre Narcisse took half an hour to get drunk, after which he had difficulty simply getting on stage.

Solntsev remembered that he repeatedly advised the performer of the hit “Chocolate Bunny” to stop drinking, but his persuasion did not have the desired effect.

“Pierre drank soundly for many years – everyone in the party knew about it. I told him many times: “Come on, tie it up. It won’t lead to anything good.” He just waved it off. When he got drunk, Pierre became aggressive,” Solntsev said.

Earlier it became known about the death of a 45-year-old musician from Cameroon, Pierre Narcisse, who suffered a cardiac arrest after a kidney operation.

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