Philip Kirkorov showed a new face after plastic surgery

The king of pop boasted of the results of surgery

The king of pop boasted of the results of surgery

A photo: Vladimir VELENGURIN

All last year Philip Kirkorov traveled around the country and neighboring countries with the anniversary tour “FK 55”, shocking the audience eccentric outfits and loud scandalsand by the New Year holidays, apparently tired and decided to take care of himself.

– The brightest thing that happened to me lately is my unearthly beauty, – the artist recently boasted at the next secular get-together. – Everyone has their own nutritionist, psychologist, and I have my own plastic surgeon. He is always with me, he is my god, he is my youth and eternal beauty.

And the results of this fruitful friendship can now be seen by all fans (and critics) of the pop king: the singer’s girlfriend and socialite Victoria Shelyagova showed on her social networks what Philip Bedrosovich looks like after a visit to a plastic surgeon. Apparently, the specialist did a good job on the face of the artist: Kirkorov became noticeably younger and fitter, and at the same time updated his beard and eyebrows. And it’s definitely not a filter.

Philip Kirkorov showed a new face.

Philip Kirkorov showed a new face.

“Congratulations to the doctor on a brilliant result,” the friend of the star, journalist Alena Zhigalova, confirmed the surgery.

However, not all users of social networks liked the new image of Kirkorov. So, music lovers tempted by the plasticity of the stars immediately discerned the resemblance of Philip to another artist.

– Learn the handwriting! That Kirkorov, that Stas Mikhailov – now they all look the same, – commentators write, sadly stating that the pop king has lost his individuality.


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