Philip Kirkorov in a hospital in Crimea: “While we sing, entertain people, valiant warriors give their lives for us”

Philip Kirkorov in the hospital at a meeting with members of the NWO in Feodosia.

Philip Kirkorov in the hospital at a meeting with members of the NWO in Feodosia.

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Philip Kirkorov concerts in Feodosia and in Yalta. The trip was preceded by a scandal, but this did not bother the singer’s fans – the tickets were sold out, the atmosphere at the concert was festive. It is important that in the front rows in Feodosia, the singer was listened to by servicemen – participants in the special operation, to whom the singer had previously delivered tickets himself. We also talk about Kirkorov’s trip to the Crimea.

The scandal before Kirkorov’s tour happened because of his number for the song “Mary Magdalena”. Philip Bedrosovich showed it in the spring at an anniversary concert in Moscow. The issue is dedicated to the mother of the national artist, who died many years ago on his birthday. There was a moment in the production of the song that caused condemnation – a cross is used as a decoration on the stage. Philip Kirkorov did not expect a scandal and immediately apologized: “I did not put any evil or blasphemous intent into directing the number. For me, as a believer, religious shrines are extremely important and revered. Everything that happened on stage has nothing to do with insulting Christianity or any other religion. So if I hurt anyone’s feelings, I offer my sincere apologies.” This number was removed from the artist’s program. However, the criticism continued.

This did not interfere with the tour of Philip Kirkorov. On July 26, Kirkorov arrived in Crimea on schedule and performed in Feodosia. Viewers of the show shared their impressions of the concert with Alexander from Saratov is resting in Feodosia: “We have long dreamed of coming to the concert with my wife, so we liked everything very much. The people are all friendly, we don’t know about any scandal. In the forefront are the participants of the special military operation from the hospital, which also gives importance to the concert.”

The concert went on for three hours. The first 50 places in the front rows for guests of honor – participants in the special operation. Kirkorov took the tickets to them himself. Philip Kirkorov the day before the concert visited the military, who are undergoing treatment and recovery in Feodosia. The artist visited a military sanatorium, a hospital where military personnel are being treated. Kirkorov talked with the guys, with everyone who wanted to take a photo – he gave CDs, autographs, tickets for his performance. In the wards, Kirkorov told the guys that he had a desire to come himself: “Heroes, this is heroism.”

Philip said: “On the day of my concert, I learned that our valiant warriors are being rehabilitated here on the territory of Crimea, a feat that is simply priceless. I told myself that I must definitely look into the eyes of these guys who went through the worst, almost losing the most precious thing – life. I wanted to support them, invite them to my concert. Because while we sing there, entertain people, people eat ice cream, they give their lives for us.” After communication with military personnelparticipating in the special operation, Kirkorov went to buy a phone for one of the guys – he shared with the singer that he had lost the phone during the battle.

After meeting with Kirkorov, the participants of the NWO told reporters about their impressions. Serviceman Vitaly spoke about the visit of the star: “The servicemen experience a storm of emotions, because they are remembered, no one forgot about them. As volunteers come, so do big-time stars.” The guys said that it was interesting: “The emotions are positive. And gave gifts, allowed to be photographed. The person is very simple and responsive. It’s great that you came to visit us. At such moments, when you see support from people, you understand why we were there.”

On July 27, Philip Kirkorov has a concert in Yalta.

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