Petersburg officials confused in the assessment of “Khrushchev” for demolition

Public figure Irina Bakhanovich explained the lack of confidence in the renovation in St. Petersburg by the ill-conceived law on the integrated development of the territory. Bakhanovich recalled that even parliamentarians are at a loss when answering key questions about the MRT process. In such conditions, one cannot count on a positive assessment of society.

Contrary to popular belief, there is no public protest against the renovation in St. Petersburg, lawyer Irina Bakhanovich is sure. According to her observations, society is dissatisfied only with the law, which needs to be finalized or repealed.

According to Bakhanovich, the majority of St. Petersburg residents who may be affected by the resettlement of Khrushchevs oppose the law on the integrated development of territories (CRT) in its current form. The social activist noted that the residents of St. Petersburg showed a high degree of self-organization by joining the discussions on renovation issues. At the same time, the activity of the leaders of St. Petersburg, who issue training manuals and speak on television, only raises more questions for both the authorities and the law.

Bakhanovich cited the speech of the head of the St. Petersburg parliament as an example. Alexander Belsky and deputy Dmitry Pavlov on the channel “Saint-Petersburg”. As noted by the social activist, legislators evaded answering the question about the mechanisms for evaluating housing for demolition.

“They are asked the question – will compensation take place at the market price or at the cadastral price? And, you see, they begin to swim. So if you yourself cannot formulate and clearly give an answer – what kind of trust can we talk about? The reference to the housing code says that this is the market price. But the methodology by which this calculation will be made has not been determined. You passed the law, which means you are ready for it to be working. Answer all the questions, work through these questions, then maybe someone will begin to trust,” Bakhanovich said.

Recall, the speaker of the Legislative Assembly of St. Petersburg Alexander Belsky evaded from a direct answer to the question about the assessment of housing for demolition, saying that he did not want to “load” the townspeople. Nevertheless, the head of the Legislative Assembly assured that each apartment will be assessed individually, including the condition and repair will be taken into account.

The speech of Belsky and deputy Dmitry Pavlov on the St. Petersburg channel did not help reduce tension in society and calm the residents of Khrushchev, note in Telegram channels. The program, according to viewers, sowed even more doubts and fears among the inhabitants of the five-story “panels”.

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