Peskov said that Putin’s visit to Armenia is not planned yet

Press Secretary of the President of Russia Dmitry Peskov.

Press Secretary of the President of Russia Dmitry Peskov.

A photo: REUTERS

On Thursday, August 4, before flying to Sochi (on Friday there will be a meeting between Putin and Erdogan), at the Vnukovo II airport, the press secretary of the Russian president talked to journalists from the Kremlin pool.

Here are snippets of that conversation.

– … Dmitry Sergeevich, and the fate of Dmitry Olegovich Rogozin cleared up?

– No, but it will clear up in the foreseeable future. We’ll let you know.

– Regarding participation in the Eastern Economic Forum (EEF). When will we decide? Waiting for anybody?

– We are still finalizing the composition, we are waiting for guests, there will be guests, the forum is as important as the region itself is important for us. And in the near future, when the whole composition is already clear, we will also make a message.

– How do you feel about the possibility of negotiations of the President Ukraine and the leader of China? Zelenskiy said he would like to talk to the Chinese leader about getting his point across.

– This is a normal process. He conveys his position, we convey our position.

– That is, we are not afraid that our friends will be “turned over”?

– Well no. It’s stupid to be afraid.

– 10th, Wednesday, 85 years since the birth of Anatoly Sobchak. How will the President celebrate this date?

– There is no trip to St. Petersburg. He sometimes flew to St. Petersburg (to commemorative batyrs associated with Sobchak. – A.G.), but now – no.

– Maybe meet relatives?

– There are no events yet.

– But something will?

– Necessarily. We’ll be right back, now the schedule is so special … it’s very busy and basically it’s what is not published, what is not advertised.

– Are you planning a visit to Armenia before the end of the year?

– In my opinion, no, although there is, of course, an invitation … but now definitely not.

– There were also other invitations …

– Well, yes. Well, they will meet tomorrow, and they will decide on the continuation of the schedule of contacts. They agree every time.

– And tell us about any plans … has a decision been made on Indonesia? (I’m talking about the G20 summit.)

– No, it is still not accepted in Indonesia, there is still time. I repeat once again that we are working in the G20 format and will continue to work. And so again, we have both October and November there will be quite saturated. September, naturally, the president will fly to the Far East.(at the WEF. – A.G.)

– Is the situation the same with regard to APEC?

– What about Bangkok? Well, yes, yes. There is an invitation, and we have already decided which format is most appropriate in terms of part. Now consultation with our partners.

– Is there any news – on the “Direct Line”?

No, it hasn’t been named yet. That is, it will be, but you need to understand when. In any case, it will definitely not be in August. And we’ll see. Autumn or winter … that is, we will watch.

– What will be the format? Is it planned, maybe with a press conference somehow unite?

– Well, if you remember, we did that, yes, not bad, by the way, it turned out. May be. That is, until a final decision is made.

– What about the message?

– There will be a message. It should be.

– About revaccination of the president.

– Haven’t found out yet. Everything that is supposed to, of course, will be done.

– The pandemic is now in its active phase – can it make any adjustments to the president’s schedule?

– We have learned to work quite effectively in a pandemic over the past two years. The format of events changes slightly, but their essence does not change.

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