Peskov on the possibility of a credit amnesty for the mobilized: the issue is being worked out

Press Secretary of the Russian President Dmitry Peskov spoke about the solution of the “credit issue” of citizens falling under partial mobilization.

Peskov said that the issue of the possibility of granting a loan amnesty for persons who fell under partial mobilization is currently being discussed by the Cabinet, but a unanimous position has not yet been reached.

“This issue is being worked out at the government level, the economic sector, it is very important to calculate everything there. So far, a clear position has not been formed. It is obvious that there is such an issue, and it is obvious that it will be worked out,” Peskov said in a conversation with reporters.

Former MP Sultan Khamzaev expressed the view that state-owned banks should themselves repay loans for citizens who fell under partial mobilization, because simply providing “credit holidays” is not entirely “fair” in relation to those who will be at the front.

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