Peru considers that expressions by AMLO and his foreign minister, Marcelo Ebrard, are “an interference in the internal affairs of the country”


The Peruvian Foreign Ministry expressed in a statement that, to date, andthe Ministry of Foreign Affairs summoned the Ambassador of the United States Mexicans, Pablo Monroy, in order to convey the strangeness that the expressions of the President have generated in Peru Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador (AMLO) and the Chancellor of that country, Marcelo Ebrard, regarding political processes in Peru.

“The expressions of the Mexican authorities constitute an interference in the internal affairs of Peru, and are not consistent with the events that have occurred in recent days,” they remarked.

In relation to the declarations of said authorities regarding the right to asylum invoked by former President Pedro Castillo, Ambassador Monroy was told of the need for the states to adhere to the norms contained in the international treaties in force on the matter and to comply with all the requirements that they establish.

The Government of Peru wishes to reiterate its broad will to continue deepening, within the framework of mutual respect and the norms of International Law, the traditional relations of friendship, cooperation and desire for integration that unite the peoples of Peru and Mexico, the that will be two hundred years old in January 2023, especially in those areas that affect social development.

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