Personal life of Lyubov Uspenskaya: husbands, children, divorces and plastic surgery

Levan Kbilashvili died in his sleep from cardiac arrest.

Levan Kbilashvili died in his sleep from cardiac arrest.


Chanson star Lyubov Uspenskaya at 68 looks youthful and seductive. Until recently, she just shone next to a handsome man 38 years younger than her. “I fell in love!” – the singer stunned the social networks in 2020, for the first time showing the one who ignited her so much. Levan Kbilashvili – a singer, a native of Tbilisi, came to conquer Moscow and appeared in 2018 in the show “Voice-7” (he was in the team of Konstantin Meladze, dropped out at the “Knockouts” stage). His name could be drowned in the abyss of novice vocalists like him, but he pulled out a lucky ticket – he was noticed by the chanson legend herself.

“Rest in Peace my angel”

They met at her name day: Ouspenskaya’s friends “presented” Levan at the celebration of her anniversary as a musical present. The “gift” of Lyubov was well received. She was imbued with his voice and allowed to take care of her. Levan inspired the singer so much that she wanted to make a star out of him by all means.

– I’m looking for hits for Levan, – then the artist shared her plans.

Ouspenskaya intrigued with her ardent confessions: “I have been waiting for this man all my life.” She noted that her admirer was unspoiled by the capital’s party and easy money. Ouspenskaya admitted that Levan helped her survive the depression after her husband’s betrayal, as well as the problems that arose with her daughter, with whom she eventually managed to make peace.

Despite the big difference in age, the singer and Levan looked almost the same age. Ouspenskaya, with even greater activity, took up anti-aging procedures. Together they recorded romantic compositions and went on tours. They were predicted the future of Pugacheva and Galkin, but … a 31-year-old man died suddenly. On June 21, Uspenskaya posted on social networks: “Today I lost my friend – a young, talented, promising artist Levan Kbilashvili. I can’t describe my grief in any words… Rest in peace my angel. Love forever”.

“I don’t want to waste any more time on men”

We called Uspenskaya with questions.

– Lyubov Zalmanovna, how are you feeling, your condition?

– Well, what a state … I’m alive, it’s already good. The loss of Levan, of course, is heavy. He was my ward. The first. He was taken to Tbilisi and buried there. I didn’t go to the funeral, I paid for everything I could. On the day of the funeral, the Russian Radio festival in Luzhniki was scheduled, I had to sing, I could not cancel it. But everything that needed to be done to smuggle it across the border, I did.

– Does he have any relatives left?

– Brother, sister, mom, dad. His diagnosis is a stroke. He died in his sleep, he didn’t even wake up. Heart stopped…

– Now you can dot the “i”: did you have a romantic relationship with Levan?

– No, it was a project to promote a person. We were friends. Why is it necessary, when connected with a man, that I am immediately credited with an affair? Levan was a talented person who was supposed to become a big star and was. But he is no longer alive, very sad.

The artist admits: men have always brought her only pain.  Photo: Persona Stars

The artist admits: men have always brought her only pain. Photo: Persona Stars

– Fans are worried: your heart is busy now, will you get married?

– Let these fans not worry, because I will not get married again and I am not going to! I don’t need it anymore. In my life men played the most negative role, they interfered with me. I have a daughter to take care of. And men always in my life pulled me down and did not allow me to be creative. I don’t want to waste any more time on them.

– Did you divorce your American husband (fourth in a row, Alexander Plaksin)?

– Divorce trial is underway. Everything is in progress.

Did he take away some of your property?

– These are unpleasant things, it is too early to sum up. Until it’s finished, I can’t talk about it…

First quit after an abortion

Ouspenskaya suffered a lot because of the stronger sex. From early youth, Love (from birth her paternal surname is Sitsker) was surrounded by men and passions. She was not yet 16 years old, and she was already singing in a Kiev restaurant and then for the first time fell in love with a married musician, 14 years older. The lover was afraid that he would be imprisoned for molesting a minor, and agreed on an underground termination of pregnancy at home. In the Secret for a Million show, the singer admitted that she had an abortion in the third month, without anesthesia, having experienced hellish physical torment. She said that she was forbidden to make sounds, and she bit her fingers. And then she suffered all her life. The lover immediately disappeared.

Soon, Lyubov accepted the marriage proposal of her colleague, musician Viktor Shumilovich. They performed together in the Kiev restaurant “Jockey”. She concealed from her husband that doctors suspected infertility after the abortion. And when, contrary to forecasts, she became pregnant, she was happy. Years later, Victor shared with reporters that their tragedy had separated them. The singer fell out of the doors of the trolleybus for a long time, belly down. They put her in storage, but the condition did not improve, the doctors called for an artificial birth. It turned out that she was expecting twins: she lost one boy during childbirth, the second died in a pressure chamber on the 14th day. Shumilovich said that the doctors offered them to sign a waiver for a dying second child. He shared that he was tormented by the question: what if the child survived? The artist publicly denied this version, calling it unnecessary fantasies.

Ouspenskaya sang in restaurants from the age of 16.

Ouspenskaya sang in restaurants from the age of 16.


From the second received a sonorous surname

Soon she fell in love with the married administrator of the orchestra, Yuri Uspensky. When she confronted him with the fact that she decided to emigrate from the Soviet Union, he divorced his wife and married her. After the wedding, Lyuba took her husband’s surname, with which she became famous. For three years, the couple waited for permission to leave. Both were unemployed. They agreed to take Yuri only to the funeral orchestra. They released him beyond the cordon, only depriving him of Soviet citizenship.

After moving to the USA, Uspenskaya continued to perform in taverns. Money rained down on her from all sides, and her husband’s career did not go.

The third one made her a star

Not yet divorced from Uspensky, she had an affair with millionaire Vladimir Franz. They say he was connected with the Russian mafia in the States. The singer explained that he was related to the oil business. Franz showered her with luxurious gifts, promised to make her a star. For his sake, she divorced her second husband. And enthusiastically stormed new frontiers with the financial support of a millionaire who became her husband and producer. From thieves’ songs, she switched to beautiful songs about the fate of a simple all-forgiving woman, which she sings to this day.

The husband paid for the release of the debut album of the singer My Loved One in the States. Willy Tokarev gave her one of the most popular compositions of that period, “Lyuba, Lyubonka, I kiss you on the lips.” First, Uspenskaya received fame and recognition in America, and then she reached Russia.

“Willi wrote me songs that later became hits,” Lyubov said. – And when my father, who already lived in Canada, went to visit friends who remained in the Union, I found out about it. “Now I’ll deliver Lyuba Uspenskaya to you,” the taxi driver told him. – Don’t you know this one? “I know,” Dad smiled. – Already 30 years. My daughter … ”As it turned out, Edita Piekha brought my record from America. With the light hand of Edita Stanislavovna, they began to twist me.


Somehow, having quarreled with her third husband, Ouspenskaya flew off to unwind in Los Angeles. There, businessman Alexander Plaksin laid eyes on her. On the third day of their acquaintance, he gave her a luxurious convertible, later sung in a hit by Ilya Reznik. Falling in love once again, Ouspenskaya left her husband and married Plaksin. On December 27, 1989, at the age of 35, she gave birth to her only child in this marriage, her daughter Tanya, in whom she does not have a soul. All 30 years that she was listed as Plaksin’s wife, she told reporters how wonderful he was. The husband would be glad if she stayed at home. But Love decided to continue her career. In 1993, she came to Russia and shot videos for the compositions “Cabriolet”, “Hussar Roulette”, and began touring. And in 2003 she finally moved to Russia. She explained that Plaksin did not want to go with her, remaining in America, because he was kept there on business. Later the bitter truth came out.

In 2019, rumors spread that Ouspenskaya’s marriage had failed. Further – more: it turned out that the husband had gone broke for a long time, he lived on the income of the singer, who made money at corporate parties. And in general he was a domestic tyrant.

From businessman Alexander Plaksin, the star gave birth to a daughter, Tanya.

From businessman Alexander Plaksin, the star gave birth to a daughter, Tanya.


– Nobody knew that he humiliated me, insulted me, could hit me. It was a hard life, – the singer recently revealed the truth. – Starting from the age of four, I wanted to divorce him, but my husband blackmailed me, threatened that he would not give me a certificate to leave America for Russia. I agreed to all his conditions, I live in blackmail all my life. And only when Tanya turned 18, I left to work in Russia. I hid that we do not live together.

Moreover, Plaksin prepared for a divorce behind her back. The husband quietly filed a lawsuit for the division of property, even claiming something that he did not invest in at all, and sued Uspenskaya for half of his fortune in the amount of 200 million rubles, and secretly from Lyubov rewrote an apartment in Los Angeles for 110 million. In fact , cunningly took away this American real estate, bought in a mortgage, which Uspenskaya paid for 20 years from her income.

Rumor has it that Plaksin has another family. Last year, Ouspenskaya admitted: “My husband wants to destroy me. Strip me to the bone.” She recently made a will so that her cunning husband would not break anything else.


Plastic help

The singer does not hide: she did facelifts, breasts, enlarged her lips with injections of hyaluronic acid. I highlighted the cheekbones with fillers. It was rumored that she rejuvenated her hands by pumping fat into them – a fashion trend. He likes to shock, allows himself to be naked and destroys stereotypes about the fact that some outfits are “not for age”.

At 68, the singer is in great shape.  The other day, going on vacation, she showed several swimsuits on social networks.

At 68, the singer is in great shape. The other day, going on vacation, she showed several swimsuits on social networks.



Went to jail

To become the queen of chanson Uspenskaya seemed to be written in the family. According to legend, Lyuba’s parents met in prison, where her father, Zalman Efromovich Sitsk, was serving his sentence (according to the family version, for a crime that he did not commit, taking on someone else’s guilt). His chosen one was a nurse at a local hospital. During childbirth, Lyuba’s mother died, and her grandmother took care of her. Later, the singer will say: “I found out that my mother did not die, but she was killed. Started digging. They told me: she was on a train, and they hit her in the face with a brick…”

After school, Lyuba entered the music school, sang in restaurants. First Kyiv, then Yerevan. She did not hide her hatred of the Soviet system, allowed careless statements. It used to be, she spent 15 days behind bars: in a temporary detention center for “anti-Soviet” and hooliganism. She learned to earn money early: with an average Soviet salary of 120 rubles in restaurants, she earned from 5 to 10 thousand rubles a month. At 18, she bought herself a Buick for 28,000.

In 1978, she moved to the United States and again went to jail when she was drunk trying to escape by car from the police chase. She got off with three months of community service.

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