Permians neatly showed where the director McDonagh’s legs grow from

Photo: Vadim Balakin

Photo: Vadim Balakin

On October 1, the McDonagh Festival opened in Perm. About the strange friendship between an Irish star and a small Perm theater we have already wrote. In particular, it was also expressed in the fact that for eight years the Oscar winner McDonagh allowed the theater to stage his plays in Russia without demanding anything in return.

– In fact, we have always had the All-Russian premiere and the second, after London, the world, – says the director of the theater “At the Bridge” Sergei Fedotov.

However, this year there was a misfire. Martin wrote the ninth play and did not allow it to be staged in Perm, because the theater did not find a midget black woman for one of the roles.

So the tradition had to be broken. The festival opened not with the premiere of a new performance by McDonagh, but with an old performance by John Sing, “Irish Hero – the Pride of the West.”

Photo: Vadim Balakin

Photo: Vadim Balakin

The action takes place a hundred years ago in the Irish darkness. Life there is terribly boring, so the only entertainment is drinking and going to wakes. Suddenly, a new face appears in the pub – Christopher Mehone, a hero from a distant land. He is hiding from the police because he killed his father with a shovel. The appearance of a young man has an indelible effect on the public. All the women in the neighborhood begin to follow Christfer, he becomes a sex symbol and a national hero.

When this play was staged in Dublin in 1907, there was a big scandal, the author was beaten, booed, cursed in the newspapers for slandering an Irish woman. True, two years later they calmed down and declared Sing a classic. But he did not hear the praise, because he died. But if he had watched the Perm variation of his play, he would probably have been glad, even though the performance was rather damp.

Photo: Vadim Balakin

Photo: Vadim Balakin

As a friend of mine said about the production, “everything here is like in our time,” when every day television talk shows give birth to new heroes. This one killed her husband with dry ice, that one was raped twice while drunk at school, the third pretended to be a pianist and robbed a famous actor, the fourth gave birth to a married elderly husband … And only with this, all of them, like Christopher Mehone, became heroes.

However, according to critics, the main meaning of the message was not even in this. After the performance, they organized a Sabantuy with posikunchiks, at which the critic Marina Timasheva spoke. And she, by the way, thanked the director of the theater for the fact that he “showed so unobtrusively where the legs of this mysterious Martin McDonagh grow from.

While everyone wondered what that meant, other critics began raising toasts and lauding the Irish director for his apathy and ability to keep his mouth shut, especially in international scandals. It turned out that in spite of everything, McDonagh does not forbid Russian theaters to play his performances, and therefore we will still see the production of the new play “Very, Very Dark Matter”, however, performed by the Chekhov Moscow Art Theater Theater, where there was a real Negro midget.

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