Permanent Representative Nebenzya showed at the UN a textbook that made Europeans and Jews Ukrainians

Permanent Representative of Russia to the UN Vasily Nebenzya showed in the Security Council of an international organization a Ukrainian school textbook, which says that the ancestors of a number of European peoples, Turks and Jews came from the territory of modern Ukraine. In this regard, he asked his French colleague Nicolas de Rivierawhether he knows about his Ukrainian roots.

During the meeting of the Security Council, Nebenzya pointed out that in recent years, Kyiv has carried out a total Ukrainization of the educational process. As an example, he cited a textbook on geography, which is used by eighth grade students in Ukrainian schools.

“According to him, the ancestors of the French, Spaniards, Portuguese, Turks and Jews came from Ukraine. Nicolas, did you know that you are actually Ukrainian?” the Russian diplomat asked the permanent representative of France.

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