Performance “Azovstal. Voices” will be shown in Europe so that the tragedy is not forgotten

Every day the world needs to be reminded of the Azovstal tragedy and that Russia has no right to be a party to any international relations.

This was written by the Minister of Culture and Information Policy Alexander Tkachenko in Facebookreports Ukrinform.

“Azovstal and its defenders will forever remain a wound to our people and its history. What the Russian criminals did in Olenovka defies any definition. It was hard to imagine that such an absolute and unprincipled evil exists in the world. Russia is a terrorist state, and the world must recognize this. We must talk about this constantly, remind the world every day about the Azovstal tragedy and that a terrorist state has no right to be a participant in any international relations – economic, diplomatic, cultural,” the minister wrote.

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According to him, this should be done by all available means. In particular, cultural and public figures created a multimedia performance “Azovstal. Voices”.

Premiere of theatrical performance about Azovstal in Kyiv / Photo: Gennady Minchenko, Ukrinform

“The performance conveys the feelings and sensations of those who were walled up underground for 80 days. This action will immerse you in the realities of the 21st century taking place in Ukraine and will return feelings to those who now do not feel that they need to save their own kind. This performance will travel around Europe so that the tragedy was not forgotten, and the criminals were punished,” Tkachenko said.

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As reported, on July 29, the play “AZOVSTAL. The voices” was presented in Kyiv. The project was created in support of the captured fighters of Azovstal. The main message is not to forget about the captured defenders of Azovstal and do everything possible for their return home.

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