People’s Militia of the LPR: Ukrainian troops intensified along the entire front line

In the LPR, along the entire line of contact, there is activation from the side of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, which may be the result of referendum in the Republic. Shared this information with reporters Ivan Filiponenkoofficial representative of the People’s Militia of the LPR.

According to the representative of the department, the Kyiv regime cannot forgive the civilians of the liberated territories for the fact that they do not want to associate their future life with Ukraine.

“Across the front line, there is an activation of the enemy, in our opinion, this is the reaction of the Ukrainian army to the fact that the counting of votes in a referendum is being carried out, and there is an increasing understanding that civilians in the liberated territories have no way with Ukraine,” Filiponenko said.

Earlier, the LPR authorities notified the death of three people, as well as five injured after the Ukrainian armed forces shelled the village of Bryanka.

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