Pensioner from Kashira proved in court that she is not crazy

70-year-old resident of the Necklace Nina Lyugina managed to prove in court that she was not crazy. Doctors made such a diagnosis to the woman in absentia.

The woman found out about her illness by accident when she turned to the police for help, but she was refused help, citing the fact that she was registered in a psychiatric dispensary with a diagnosis of personality disorder.

Earlier it was reported that a pensioner lost in the forest for a month and a half lived in a hut.

Lyugina really found out that there was a serious diagnosis in her outpatient card.

According to the online publication Podmoskovye Segodnya, in order to regain her legal capacity, the pensioner applied to the Kashirsky City Court, providing the results of two forensic psychiatric examinations. Specialists did not find psychiatric abnormalities in the woman.

The court fully satisfied Lyugina’s claim. The diagnosis of “personality disorder” was considered erroneous.

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