Pelosi may “sit down” in Taiwan under the pretext of a malfunction

Liner with Speaker of the House of Representatives American Congress Nancy Pelosi may attempt to land in Taiwan under the pretext of needing refueling or a breakdown.

This publication reports Global Times.

The author noted that “it is still possible that Pelosi will want to take a dangerous step by trying to land in Taiwan under the pretext of a technical malfunction or refueling,” and Chinese military patrols should be on alert.

At the same time, the author is sure that if there really are problems with the American’s plane, then the People’s Liberation Army of China will provide Pelosi with protection and will enable her to land in Hainan province or in other cities, provided that the plane of the US policy “stay away from Chinese Taiwan .

Professor, People’s University of China Diao Daming I’m sure Taiwan’s absence from Pelosi’s official itinerary means she didn’t dare to challenge Beijing directly. But it is not excluded that the politician will still try to visit the island.

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