Pedro Castillo does not rule out that the Summit of the Pacific Alliance will take place in Peru: “Everyone is welcome”

Pedro Castillo does not rule out that the Summit of the Pacific Alliance will be held in Lima | TVPeru

President Pedro Castillo referred to recent statements by his counterpart in Mexico, Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador (AMLO)after he announced the Pacific Alliance Summit due to the absence of a Peruvian president, to whom the presidency must be handed over in its next edition.

Terrones Castlewho was prevented from traveling to the neighboring country by the Congress of the Republic, did not rule out that the event be held in Peru amid some coordination between both territories.

“From here I greet President López Obrador, I have nothing official, they are some unofficial statements, but in the framework of assuming this responsibility (…) it could not be delivered (the presidency of this event to) a person who would not have to assume ” , he declared in dialogue with the press.

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At another time, the Head of State expressed his interest in the development of said international activity in national territory.

“Today (Tuesday, November 22) I will have official data, but I would like the brother countries, which are part of the Pacific Alliance, to be here. Welcome to President Manuel López Obrador. Welcome everyone,” he added.

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