Pedro Castillo and the ministers who significantly increased their assets in a year in office

Castillo Terrones perpetrated a self-coup.
Castillo Terrones perpetrated a self-coup.

17 months of his tenure in government palace were enough for Pedro Castillo will increase their properties ten times more, between the years 2021 and 2022, according to their declaration of assets and income in the Comptroller General of the Republic.

The former president, imprisoned in prison BarbadilloHe is currently facing various investigations against him. To the complaint made by the National Prosecutor, Patricia Benavidesfor alleged crimes of criminal organization and others, raised in October 2022, adds an accusation for rebellion, conspiracy and abuse of authority.

These last accusations were attributed to him by the Public ministry after the self-coup that he perpetrated, last Wednesday, December 7, in the country.

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Now, according to a record in the comptrollershipit was learned that the former president reported in 2021 a sum of 16,000 thousand soles in monthly income, another 19,850 in assets and, finally, an amount of 7,110 in the “others” section, according to the newspaper Peru 21.

Surprisingly, in the year 2022, the Chotano professor registered zero soles in the “goods” category, however, in the “other” section the number of money amounted to 111,347 thousand soles. His monthly income, meanwhile, remained unchanged.

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The so-called “others” section is comprised of savings, rental income, interest originated from capital placement, royalties and investments. This is included in article 5 of the regulation of the Law of Sworn Statements of Income, Assets and Income (Law 27482).

Despite notably increasing his assets, according to a document from the National Superintendence of Public Registries (Sunarp), Castillo Terrones does not register any property in his name, in a report collected by the aforementioned medium.

On the other hand, however, it is specified that the former first lady and her wife lilia paredesalso including the alleged criminal network denounced by the Prosecutor’s Office, does have a property in its name in chota, cajamarcasince 2006. The married couple comes from that region.

Chávez Chino was serving as premier during the self-coup.  (Andean)
Chávez Chino was serving as premier during the self-coup. (Andean)

Other ex-ministers of the ended Castillo administration, as well as a well-known lawyer, also make up the list of those who had the opportunity to increase their income.

On the payroll are Betsy Chavezformer premier during the self-coup and investigated for the crime of rebellion; Roberto Sanchezformer Minister of Foreign Trade and Tourism (Micentur); Heidy Juarezformer Minister of Women and Vulnerable Populations (MIMP); Felix Chero, former Minister of Justice and Human Rights – MINJUSDH); and the lawyer Raul Noblecillaformer legal defender of Castle.

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Chinese Chavez He declared upon entering Congress, as part of the Perú Libre bench, that he did not receive monthly income, however, he reported an amount of 3,500 soles in assets and another 9,000,000 in the “others” section. One year after this event, the former Minister of Culture and the Ministry of Work and Promotion, In addition to his fleeting tenure as Prime Minister, he reported earnings of 12,000 soles as salary, 136,500 soles in goods, and a sum of 21,360 soles in “others.”

Payroll of the increase in assets of the former president, his former ministers and his former lawyer.  (Peru 21).
Payroll of the increase in assets of the former president, his former ministers and his former lawyer. (Peru 21).


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