Pd bitcoin continues. In trading in Asia fell below $ 30 thousand | Business

Bitcoin, after eight hours in the morning, according to data on the specialized website CoinDesk, showed a decrease of 3.8 percent to $ 32,133 (approximately 761 thousand crowns) in the last 24 hours. It fell to $ 29,763 during this time cut, according to Reuters.

We are witnessing a slow decline, whether it is caused by the fact that (bitcoin) is sold by those who have been holding it for a long time, said analyst Josh Lim from Genesis Global Trading.

A new policy on inflation reduces liquidity in the market and turns investors away from speculative assets, according to Bloomberg.

According to CNBC, the terraUSD stablecoin (UST) also caused panic in the market. Stablecoins are coins that are mutual to another asset, in this case the dollar, and in a cryptocurrency environment they work in the form of a reserve currency. On Monday late in the evening, the value of the UST fell below 70 cents against the blurring of ties to the US dollar at a ratio of one to one.

Some observers now describe this pd as a run on the bank. According to the CoinMarketCap website, the value of cryptographic assets depreciated $ 800 billion over the last month (almost 19 trillion crowns).

According to investor Michael Novogratz, the cryptographic trade is weakening the Nasdaq technology market index. My instinct is that he will make losses, especially in the nearest quarters. No people get the feeling that we are in balance, the market will be restless, volatile and difficult, he added.

I think the cryptocurrency area is still classified as a risky asset, and like we’ve seen with the Nasdaq, the cryptocurrency, said Reuters agent Matt Dibb of Singapore’s Stack Funds platform. She focuses on investing in cryptocurrencies.

US Technology Market Index The Nasdaq Composite lost 1.5 percent last week. It responds mainly to inflation prospects, due to n The US Federal Reserve (Fed) is raising the rate yearthe pace of economic growth is slowing down.

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