Pavel Volya was removed from the Comedy Club after the scandal

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Until recently, they competed. One is like sat down another. Young replaced mature. Energy and thirst for life replaced satiety. But then everything seems to be got up into place. Garik Kharlamov returned to the Comedy Club, Andrei Beburishvili continued to read stand-up.

And now – new unexpected news. Now Pavel Volya is gone. After the scandal with the Kazakh activist, whom the showman under the heading of the Comedy Club named “Damn”, a message appeared from TNT – instead of Volya, the Comedy with Kharlamov will be … all the same Beburishvili. As if each time waiting for a good moment for a career breakthrough.

Photo TNT

“Friends, Pavel Volya left the Comedy Club after me,” Kharlamov commented on the castling. – Therefore, meet: the new host of the Comedy Club – Andrey Beburishvili. The next edition will be hosted by two Beburs!

In the upcoming release of the show, bloggers Karina Kross and Dima Maslennikov will visit Kharlamov and Beburishvili, and Marina Kravets with Demis Karibidis and Timur Batrutdinov will play a miniature about a neighbor who quarreled with his wife on New Year’s Eve.

Photo TNT

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