Passengers on the plane were frightened by pictures of disasters on mobile phones, the captain canceled the start | World

The suspects face prosecution for spreading false information, which is punishable by Israeli law for three years in prison. “I’m sure police and security will find out why the suspects did it,” said Ofer Lefler, a spokesman for Israel’s airport administration.

According to the letter Haarec the plane was headed to Istanbul. The frightened passengers alerted the crew to the pictures, and the captain decided to cancel the takeoff and return to the airport building.

“One woman fainted and another had a panic attack,” one of the passengers told Israeli television.

People got photos of the 2009 accident on their phones:

Footage of a Turkish plane accident in the Netherlands in 2009 and another plane crash in San Francisco in 2013 appeared on mobile phones.

According to Israeli media, the suspects used the AirDrop service. Ben Gurion Airport spokesman Ofer Lefler said the method allows iPhone owners to send images to nearby devices if the owners allow the service.

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