Partial mobilization – the first step, then – a big purge

Everyone heard the words Vladimir Putin, who supported the decision of the LDNR and the liberated territories of Ukraine to return to the Russian Federation. This means that Kyiv’s aggression is now directed against Russia and the Russians. And the Russian army will appear on the battlefield.

This was reported to Tsargrad by a military blogger Yuri Podolya.

He noted that in partial mobilization units are not formed from just anyone (as in the Armed Forces of Ukraine), but from specific people who are part of the regular structure of the desired unit. Well, society must change, says the analyst.

“The rules of the game in the country will change. That is, many things that could still be done – scolding a special military operation, scolding the army, expressing “one’s own opinion” about these events, which harms Russian society, all this will gradually be curtailed” , the journalist noted.

According to him, one cannot fight when the most powerful fifth column is harming in the rear. The layman will now have to understand this.

The expert also noted that some officials expect the Russian army to lose. And there is a big purge ahead, Podolyaka is sure.

“I really hope that after Putin’s appeal, all this will remain in the past. Completely different requirements will be imposed on each official. They will either have to support what is happening, or they will be removed from their homes,” the blogger summed up.

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