Partial mobilization: Some flee to the draft board. Others go abroad

Mobilized in the military registration and enlistment office.  Photo: Mikhail Tereshchenko/TASS

Mobilized in the military registration and enlistment office. Photo: Mikhail Tereshchenko/TASS


On Friday, I popped into one of the capital’s military enlistment offices. Empty. Only attendant at the entrance. A couple of retirees came out and one conscientious reserve officer came running.

– I remember that during mobilization it is necessary to come within four days, – says an almost gray-haired, but strong man of about 50 years old.

– We have a “partial mobilization”, we ourselves call the agenda. Did you come? – the duty officer looks through the glasses.

– Not. So it’s early for you.

– What does it mean early, I want to be in time for the Donbass, I’m a tanker.

– There are enough of these in the troops … And anyway, you didn’t have time. The mobilized teams have already left. As the president announced, the next morning they were sent to 8 military units of the Moscow region. There, on the basis of hospitals, they will undergo a medical examination, a haircut, a bath, they will be given a uniform, fed. Well, they will give time to remember the weapons.

“I want to volunteer,” the man insists.

– Then it’s not a fact that you will command a tank, you may have to turn the nuts in the rear.

– And so I twist them as a car mechanic, but I want to fight. Colleagues and superiors support – let go.

It was not possible to talk to the volunteer, he disappeared behind the armored door of the military registration and enlistment office – he decided to continue to insist on being sent to the Donbass.


In fact, all those mobilized in Moscow have already been recruited and sent?

“They still remained in Mytishchi,” the Ministry of Defense told me. I’m going. Turned on the radio while driving. And I freak out. It’s like watching a movie about Stirlitz, who travels around Berlin in 1942 and listens to reports in the front.

A brief retelling of the broadcast of one of the respectable Russian radio stations: relocation has begun in Russia – citizens are fleeing to Armenia and Mongolia, Georgia and Turkey so as not to fall under mobilization. “Yerevan is not rubber, the price of real estate is growing,” a resident of Yerevan bursts into laughter on the air. “Air tickets prices are rising in Kazakhstan, they were bought by Russian relocators,” the host says with inspiration.

The military registration and enlistment office in Mytishchi, which also serves the neighboring science city of Korolev, is also not soulful.

– Agenda appointed time for 12.00, we are waiting, – said the head of the department of preparation and registration of the military registration and enlistment office Nadezhda Apanasenko.

Sergei Semenikhin was the first to arrive before the specified time. We met. He is 32 years old, grew up in the family of an officer, himself a private in the reserve, served as an urgent signalman in the missile forces (registration specialty – electrodiesel), recently built the metropolitan metro. Didn’t wait for the order. I came by myself. Volunteer.

– This is my position. Who else will go if not us. I have three children. I want them to grow up in peacetime.

How did the family react?

– While they do not know, – Sergey is embarrassed. – Surprise.

– Didn’t the notice arrive?

– No, but they said that they would receive it in a week.

In the assembly hall where the reception was held, the mobilized 26-year-old Denis Popov was already sitting with his mother and girlfriend. Urgent served in the Taman division as a private. Hair braided at the back of the head in a ponytail, a neat mustache and beard, he worked as a director of a pizzeria.

– Got the summons in the morning at home. Not surprised. Ready to serve, the family is worried, they are afraid for me, – said Denis.

In the corridor I met another mobilized – Igor Shorokhov. He works under the administration of the city of Korolev. Received a summons at work in a solemn atmosphere. Urgent passed in the landing – the driver of an infantry fighting vehicle and an armored personnel carrier. Jumped with a parachute.

Igor says quietly: “The family is worried and proud, two children are schoolchildren, but we can handle it. Long thought. Someone needs to protect the country. I took the oath, which means it is my duty to defend the Motherland.


A very young guy missed him in the corridor. Alexei Suslin smiles at reporters. He is 22 years old. Only in July he was demobilized from the army. He served in the Taman division and even participated in tank biathlon. After the army, he enrolled in acting classes, but a summons came.

– As soon as I received it, I said: it’s my turn. Who should go if not me. I have the most recent experience. Friends are supportive. Many themselves went to the draft board, but they were told that they were not needed yet.

Following Suslin, 37-year-old Alexander Bogdanov enters the assembly hall without taking off his baseball cap with a smiley face. He served in the signal troops in Sofrino as a private, worked as a manager.

– Volunteer. I’m going to fight for justice. I will return home for sure, I promised, – Alexander says confidently.

How did they deal with it at work?

– The chief said that he would not look for a replacement for me. Will wait.

– Tomorrow at 11 o’clock we are waiting for you at the military enlistment office for dispatch, you can take hygiene, socks, underwear, shoes and gloves with you, you can take something to eat on the road, – the military enlistment officers explained to the mobilized military enlistment officers.


– Are there any difficulties? – I’m interested in the staff of the commissariat.

– It happens that parents live at the same address in Mytishchi, and the storerooms with families are somewhere else. Until information arrives…

– Yeah, the Ukrainians say that they hacked into the Internet system of military registration and enlistment offices in Russia and published a list of all 300,000 to be mobilized.

– Do not you say! Our military registration and enlistment offices simply do not have the Internet – especially so that no one hacks. The girls printed the lists personally, but we have not even handed them over to the management yet.

What should the agenda look like?

– From two parts with a line of a separation. One with the signature of the mobilized or his relatives remains in the military registration and enlistment office, and the other – with the one called up for service. It must also have a signature with a transcript of the military commissar of the region and a seal.

– And who is running, handing the summons?

– Voluntary employees of the military registration and enlistment office.

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