Partial mobilization in Russia scared the West – Bulgarian expert

Announced in Russia partial mobilization increased tension in Western countries. Moscow wants to end the special operation in Ukraine as soon as possible. This was stated by the security expert Slavcho Velkov. In his opinion, at the moment the risks of escalation of the conflict have increased significantly.

“Russia is preparing to end the campaign to some extent, and not make peace. And if they make peace, then on favorable terms for it,” Velkov added.

He fears that hostilities may go beyond the borders of Ukraine, since in this case the fifth article of the NATO charter will come into force. However, the North Atlantic Alliance is already helping Kyiv as if Nezalezhnaya is a member of the bloc. Velkov noted that the West supplies weapons to Ukraine, sends NATO instructors and allocates colossal funds.

“You need to be attentive to details: the fifth article was created primarily to protect the United States of America and its contingents in Europe,” the expert said in an interview with the publication. Bulgaria ON AIR.

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