Partial mobilization in Russia – latest news and answers to questions September 30, 2022

We continue to respond to readers' letters about mobilization.

We continue to respond to readers’ letters about mobilization.

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Direct line “Komsomolskaya Pravda” with your questions helps to explain to the Russians called on the agenda, the features of partial mobilization in Russia. The most important questions are answered by the KP.RU military observer, Colonel Viktor Baranets, clarifying the situation and reporting the latest news and facts. We publish a new portion – with up-to-date information as of September 30, 2022.


? “The sister’s husband was mobilized. Payment for the service will go only from the second month, and the current employer refused to calculate it.

How can we help these families? The sister herself does not work, a month-old child in her arms, a mortgage.

Musatova Marina.

Marina, the procedure here worked out. The mobilized person must bring a summons to work and write a statement with a request to calculate it – as it should be according to the Labor Code (a person does not leave of his own free will):

“Conscription of an employee for military service is the basis for dismissal under paragraph 1 of part 1 of Art. 83 of the Labor Code of the Russian Federation. The basis for the dismissal order is a subpoena. On the day of dismissal, the employee is fully paid with the payment of a severance pay in the amount of 2 weeks of average earnings. This is an excerpt from the law!

Failure to comply with this law is a gross violation, already falling under the Criminal Code.

In this case, you cannot do without an application to the court on your part, and the military registration and enlistment office, for its part, is obliged to help the woman knock out the money due to the mobilized from the employer. Otherwise, the military commissar can expect serious trouble. And the last.

As for mortgages, loan holidays have been announced for mobilized mortgage holders. Mandatory payments are either suspended altogether until returning home, or their size is reduced and stretched over time.

? “Hello! I am a citizen of Uzbekistan and I want to go to serve in the special operation zone. How can I do this, given that I am illegally in Russia?


Dear Oleg!

Just because you are here illegally, you face a very serious responsibility – a fine, deportation, a ban on entry. So the sooner you turn to the help of lawyers, the less negative consequences you face. Now about the service – the Federation Council approved the bill adopted by the State Duma on September 20 on the simplified granting of citizenship to foreigners who go to serve with a contract of at least 1 year. So solve the issue with your legal stay, sign a contract and in a year we will tell you: “Welcome to Russia!”.


Official answers to the main questions on partial mobilization

The state portal “Explain.rf” gave official answers to all the main questions on partial mobilization. We publish a list of the most burning and important topics on the KP.RU website (details).

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