Paramore in Lima: Pre-sale tickets sold out and fans complain about resellers

Paramore fans outraged by pre-sale tickets.
Paramore fans outraged by pre-sale tickets.

Friday, October 7 was the pre-sale date for tickets to be able to go to the concert that the band will perform Paramore in Lima. However, fans who did not reach tickets were upset because the tickets sold out in just one hour.

In social networks, the followers of the American band showed their annoyance through Twitter, indicating that the platform teleticket, who is in charge of the sale, allowed six tickets per person encouraging resale.

“What’s the point of making your virtual Teleticket queue, if all the tickets are taken by resellers”, “Chain of solidarity for those of us who couldn’t get tickets today for Paramore, thanks to the filthy Teleticket system and the mafia of resellers”, are some of the comments that fans have written.

Fans outraged by Paramore ticket pre-sale.  (twitter)
Fans outraged by Paramore ticket pre-sale. (twitter)
Fans outraged by Paramore ticket pre-sale.  (twitter)
Fans outraged by Paramore ticket pre-sale. (twitter)

“Teleticket selling up to six tickets per person for Paramore. For Mitski it was up to 10. It’s making it easier for resellers. Indefensible”, “In less than 15 minutes, Campo A is over. Damn resellers! Teleticket how is it possible that they sell 6 tickets per person. For other concerts it was 4 per person”, wrote other outraged followers on the social network.

Fans outraged by Paramore ticket pre-sale.  (twitter)
Fans outraged by Paramore ticket pre-sale. (twitter)

teleticket announced that Paramore will perform on March 2, 2023 at the Arena Peru located at Avenida Javier Prado Este 4406, Santiago de Surco.

“The band you dreamed of returns to Lima! Paramore arrives this March 2 as part of their South American tour to move us with all their hits live”, indicates the description of his publication in social networks.

Paramora in Lima.  Teleticket ad.
Paramora in Lima. Teleticket ad.

Initially, the pre-sale was scheduled for this Friday, October 7 and Saturday, October 8, where tickets could be purchased with Interbank cards and would have a 15% discount on the regular price. However, tickets were sold out on the first date. But as of Sunday, October 9, the general sale begins.

The official price of tickets for the concert of Paramore in Peru 2023 are for sale at

Interbank discount prices

Field A: S/. 380 (Sold out)

Field B: S/. 220 (Out of stock)

Grandstand: S/. 130 (Out of stock)

General prices

Field A: S/. 448

Field B: S/. 259

Grandstand: S/. 153

Paramore tickets in Lima 2023. (Teleticket)
Paramore tickets in Lima 2023. (Teleticket)

To access the tickets, take into account some basic requirements before and during the purchase on the Teleticket platform. We detail them below.

First, remember that you can make the purchase from any device with internet access, that is why you must check your connection, have your card at hand in order to make a quick purchase and not fail. Keep in mind that your card must have the online purchase option enabled.

1. Enter the Teleticket website or by clicking HERE.

2. Create your user account. They will ask you for a password and your personal data, as well as a valid email. It will be there where they send you the tickets.

3. Confirm your registration by entering your email and then you will return to the Teleticket page.

Take these first steps hours or days before the pre-sale and ticket sales. They are extremely important because if you don’t have a Teleticket account and want to make a direct purchase, when you enter your card details they will send you to create one and that will take more time.

4. With your account created, it will be time to enter Teleticket and search for the Paramore event. If the pre-sale of tickets is at 9:00 am, you must enter at least 10 minutes before and make the virtual queue to be assigned a place in the purchase.

5. When you have your place in the virtual queue, all you have to do is wait. When your turn comes, you will automatically enter the event and you will see the available event areas and the prices for each one.

6. Select your seats and the area where you want to be > reserve a seat > buy. Here you will have to enter your card details.

7. At the end you will see that the purchase has been made and immediately your tickets or entry tickets will be in the “MY E-TICKETS” section. Verify that they are there and ready you already have your ticket secured. Remember not to share your ticket with anyone and attend the event with the printed ticket.


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