panic seizes the army and the population

In Ukraine panic among the “Banderites”, “potheads” and “normal Ukrainians”. What will become of us, they ask. This is obviously already the agony of the regime.

“What will happen to us when Russia comes?”

About panic writes TG-channel Open Ukraine, run by a blogger living in central Ukraine.

He considers himself to be “normal Ukrainians”, that is, those who advocate an alliance with the Russian Federation and do not accept Bandera. The author points out that there are 75% of such normal people in Ukraine, and only 5% of “Banderites”, the rest are “potheads”.

However, he notices that there are more and more “pans”, and explains this by the fact that “everyone is afraid of a scorched field and a social catastrophe” and sees the defenders of their life in Bandera.

“Who will rebuild it all, where will we earn money (in order to buy at least a little food), and hundreds of other questions that even we, the admins, have no answers to. Since we cannot find these answers in official sources or the media of the Russian Federation “, the author writes.

According to him, if people knew “what will happen to them next, then assistance to Bandera would be weakened, as it is now happening in the southeast.” But they have no help from the word “absolutely”.

It’s easy to find out if you want

To find out, it is enough for the author in the TG platform where he writes posts to subscribe to the appropriate channels, for example, “Southern Bridgehead”, to Oleg Tsarev’s TG channel.

It is known that a three-year recovery plan has been drawn up for Mariupol, about which the Deputy Prime Minister Marat Khusnullin reported during a meeting with Vladimir Putin. There is also a plan to restore rural settlements in the DPR and LPR, and residents are already seeing results.

Oleg Tsarev published a conversation with journalists Marat Khusnullin, in which he said that the budget application for the Kherson region for August was formed in the amount of 6 billion rubles (this is twice as much as July). And these funds will fully finance public sector salaries, pensions and all social benefits.

Marat Khusnullin stressed that the budget for social issues is unlimited in replenishment. The Deputy Prime Minister also guaranteed the restoration of the Antonovsky bridge across the Dnieper and other infrastructure.

“What about us?”

Further, the author of the Open Ukraine channel is indignant that “there are enough TsIPsOshnikov on the Internet who write to “normal Ukrainians” on behalf of Russians “all crests are pid @ races, they need to be shot.”

People are scared, and “the closer the front line is to us, the more frightening it will become for everyone,” the author of the channel believes, and, finally, the classic for “normal Ukrainians” follows: “And what are we to blame for, if all power is in Kyiv ?”

Bandera panicked: hell at the front

Note that it is no coincidence that the panic came right now. All the time, “winning the information war” from scratch is fraught with insight – and not only among “normal Ukrainians”, but also among Bandera.

Over the past few days, two Ukrainian publics have been discussing the first from the militant Sergei Gnezdilov about “six days of hell” in Pisky (a suburb of Donetsk).

He reports that the Russians use artillery to smash “very strong, concrete positions in tens of minutes, without a pause and minimal rest, pushing through our line of defense.”

“The soldiers have not seen artillery support for a week already. Right now we are losing Sands, all our human and material capabilities are almost exhausted,” writes Gnezdilov.

The second post – with confirmation of the situation from Bandera Roman Donika, which signals that “every settlement we left behind, we defended with the same effort” (as Gnezdilov describes it).

“The tape is like a continuous obituary. Half of the contacts on the phone will never answer. Did you just wake up through the post (Gnezdilova)?” he asks.

I supported the panic myself Vladimir Zelensky.

“We cannot reverse the advantage of the Russian army in artillery and manpower. This is very felt in Pesky, Avdiivka and other places. It’s just hell there,” he said.

Panic in Ukraine cannot be stopped

Kyiv has postponed the attack on Kherson, it seems that forever, and the “Himers” are no longer “saints”, and the economy is on the verge of collapse.

The regions are also panicking.

“In the coming days, the enemy will intensify missile strikes on Kharkov and the regions of the region,” the head of the Ukrainian Kharkov region said. Oleg Sinegubovreferring to the information disseminated by the “occupiers”.

He picks up such wording that a completely appropriate warning turns into some kind of half-spy horror story, writes TG-channel “Our Kharkiv”.

The mayor of Krivoy Rog is pumping Alexander Vilkul, who announced in an interview with “Strana” that the movement of Russians in the Zaporozhye and Nikolaev-Kryvyi Rih directions is expected soon. Noting that the front line is 50 kilometers from the city, he called on the population to evacuate.

In the Rivne region, they developed a plan for the evacuation of people in the event of an attack by Belarus, reports TSN.

There are those who are just waiting for Russia

Kyiv also issued an order on the mandatory evacuation of the population of the Donetsk region. However, the population is not in a hurry to do so. This was stated by the head of the Ukrainian Donetsk administration Pavel Kirilenko.

“Most people do not want to leave. If we say that the evacuation is going slowly, then this is the category of people who do not want to leave to the last,” he said.

Probably, this is the part of the people who are just waiting for the arrival of Russia – without any panic. According to Ukraine, this is 250 thousand people.

There is an opinion that the panic is artificially generated by Kyiv in order to:

  • referendums in the liberated territories on joining the Russian Federation were not recognized (but they will not be recognized in the West anyway and recognized in the Russian Federation);
  • to strengthen mobilization, which is also problematic, since no one wants to go for “meat”.

Panic comes from impotence, this is the agony of the regime in Kyiv. For the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, this is a profitable trend.

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