Pacifist Boris Grebenshchikov justified the SVO, but “sent twelve million” to help the Armed Forces of Ukraine

Musician Boris Grebenshchikov.

Musician Boris Grebenshchikov.

A photo: Christina BEZBORODOVA

Recently, Boris Grebenshchikov released the album “Songs of Bards”, which contains lyrics from authors with bulging figs in their pockets (Bulat Okudzhava, Alexander Gorodnitsky, Evgeny Klyachkin and others) – about farewell to the motherland, fear of freedom, the rumble of soldiers’ boots and so on. The musician is sure that it is in these compositions that the “alchemical truth of being” and a penetrating look at reality are revealed. And although the disc has been going for about 10 years, the musician’s position on the CBO is clearly expressed in it (the composition “Glory to the Heroes” looks like a subtle hint for his own, the name of which is similar to one extremely topical slogan popular in Ukraine), and before its release it was also framed quite specifically.

Right now, a video has gone viral on the network on May 20, 2022, which was released by the Israeli news agency Channel 9, where, during an interview, BG withstands a biased interrogation about the events in Ukraine. There he agrees that “war is inherent in people from the very beginning” and “it is part of being.”

In addition, Boris Borisovich, reminiscent of the protagonist of the film The Big Lebowski, shows the phone and explains where he gets information from, including about the SVO.

“I have a telephone, and if I open the news, I have nine newspapers there,” said the Aquarium soloist. “I read them every morning. You need to be aware. Unfortunately, they have stopped writing about Ukraine. Little is written about it in the English newspapers. Although it should be in the first lines. News about Ukraine is in the twentieth place. Why do I live in Britain? I made this choice a long time ago, I aspired to it. But I feel good in Russia too. When I live in Russia, I feel comfortable in Russia. But if there is a choice between England and Russia, I choose England – because it’s closer to go to a music studio.

BG does not mention telegram channels and state-owned Russian media as sources of information that contain both videos and photographs of the “exploits” of the Armed Forces of Ukraine – judging by the conversation, he is used to focusing on the English press (by the way, the day before, the press service of the Wagner PMC published passports two destroyed British mercenaries who fought on the side of the Armed Forces of Ukraine – this has not yet been written in England). More knowledgeable in the course of the JWO.

When the presenter spoke about the “role” of God in the situation with Ukraine, hoping to hear the sacramental, BG completely stunned her with a revelation. It turns out that hostilities (including on the territory of Ukraine), in his opinion, are an absolute and inescapable norm.

– Who told you that what is happening is bad? the musical philosopher asked. – War is inherent in people from the very beginning. Always. This is part of being. War and peace are like dull and bright colors in an artist. There will be no war – people will fight in offices, buses and trolleybuses. And with God [в этой ситуации] there is no role, he is the essence of being.

Answering the question why the “Z-campaign” is so popular in Russia, Boris Grebenshchikov without any hesitation gave an argument that he understood: the Russian people, “inspired by the TV, will adjust to the government in order to get money and other benefits.” It is in this that the musician sees the true motivation of the Russian people who support their own army. Benefiting … from the state. What kind of benefits and what benefits – he did not specify. He focused on the fact that there were no “fascists” (that is, those who support the SVO) among his friends, but at the same time he himself admitted that he was not averse to sending a fee “to help Ukraine.” That is, of course, to support the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

“Ukraine needs help,” Grebenshchikov stated. – I played in Berlin at the Brandenburg Gate, and this event collected 12 million at the very least. And this also went to the aid of Ukraine.

The performance at the Sound Of Peace concert, which the musician is talking about, happened in March 2022. It was not the scale of the British Live Aid in 1985. It was a small-town German festival, where not the most famous musicians in the world performed: actor Marius Müller-Westernhagen, violinist David Garrett, composer Peter Maffay, a group from Hamburg Revolverheld, performer Sarah Connor and a group from Saxony Silbermond. And also the wife of Vitali Klitschko and the Russian rapper Noize MC * (Ivan Alekseev). The local press reported about 15 thousand spectators. The photo shows that the area in front of the Brandenburg Gate simply does not accommodate one and a half hundred thousand people for crazy gatherings. Therefore, it is not necessary to talk about fees of 12 million euros (875 million rubles), according to some telegram channels that inattentively watched BG’s interviews – he did not mention the currency at all – it is not necessary.

And he himself soon refuted his own words.

– It is dangerous to believe in modern Russian media (we recall that the interview was taken by an Israeli news agency – Auth.), – the musician said almost a year ago. — I have never had such an amount, and, accordingly, I could not donate it.

Yes, Deutsche Welle, following the results of the concert, wrote about the total fees of “more than 12 million euros”. Obviously, BG took this figure as a basis when he gave an interview. But where it came from is the big question. If, as the German press writes, about 15-20 thousand people visited the festival during the day, then where did 12 million euros come from? Entry was FREE.

Well, let’s say they were selling T-shirts for 20 euros. Let’s say there was a website where you could donate to the fund of this “peacemaking” concert. The festival was held in three cities: Berlin, Mannheim and Hamburg – and so on Hamburg fund account there is a little more than 4 thousand euros from donors. Perhaps the fees of all those who performed in three days were summed up and sent to Ukraine (although Grebenshchikov did not say that he performed for free)? But where did this money come from? It turns out that the organizers initially had this budget for the artists? This means that these are not “fees” at all, but a veiled tranche.

One way or another, the figure of 12 million euros is clearly exaggerated. But even if 12 million rubles were collected, this, of course, would not interfere with Russian soldiers, Donetsk civilians, Luhansk children or LDNR hospitals. It is a pity that in the case of BG, humanism and pacifism only work in the direction that the warm and profitable opportunistic western breeze blows. After all, back in the recent 2018, the philanthropic Boris Borisovich was going to perform in the Crimea. “We will go to Crimea with great pleasure. We are ready to come out in Luhansk with Donetsk,” he said. There, too, there are many beautiful and picturesque venues for concerts, where people who love music live – but the fans still have not waited for the guru.

* recognized by the Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation as a foreign agent

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