Pablo Ventura’s friend told how rugby players provoked others to fight

Francisco Santoro, the surprise witness, covered his face when leaving court (Ezequiel Acuña)
Francisco Santoro, the surprise witness, covered his face when leaving court (Ezequiel Acuña)

The ninth day of the trial against the eight accused of the crime of Fernando Baez Sosa Added a surprise witness. It was about francis santorosummoned by Fernando Burlando to testify before the Oral Criminal Court No. 1 of Dolores and that he is a friend of Paul Ventura, falsely accused by the defendants. Precisely, he was with the rower the night of the murder and, this Thursday, before the judges, he detailed the violent tricks that the rugby players had when they went out through Zárate. “His impunity generates anger in you”, he blurted out.

It wasn’t the only thing Santoro said. When he sat down in the courtroom this Thursday, it was Burlando who began to ask him questions. First of all, the lawyer for Fernando’s family consulted him about the unexpected declaration of Luciano Pertosi in the middle of the trial. “I want to clarify something, shall I? I was not there”assured the defendant, after the PFA experts pointed him out at the crime scene.

It was then that he stated: “His impunity generates anger in you”. Later, when they questioned him about how the defendants in Zárate handled themselves, he explained about a case he witnessed: “In a previous one, one of them provoked one of my friends. The way they provoke you or seek your reaction is by pushing, on purpose. A touch on the head or a spilled glass. They put you to the test to see your reaction. You stayed quiet and walked away or reacted badly”, he described.

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Given this, Santoro recounted an episode that occurred in January 2019 at a party in El Pineral, where he targeted Lucas Pertosi. “He started a fight inside that ended outside with a boy hurt. It was not human to see what was happening“, said. “He is the one who always tests you with pushes, with goals, with whatever,” added the witness.

The rugbiers accused of the crime of Fernando Báez Sosa
The rugbiers accused of the crime of Fernando Báez Sosa

Was he very aggressive?Mocking asked. “Yes, totally. To give you an idea: the boy finished hospitalized with hip fracture”, Santoro replied and the atmosphere in the room became tense. “What concept do you have of the defendants?” continued Burlando. “These are people whose fun was to go out and pick a fight at night: they had fun fighting”, concluded the witness.

Before testifying, Santoro spoke with infobae and recounted what he lived with his friend Pablo Ventura for the false accusation he made maximum thomsen the day the rugby players were arrested in Villa Gesell for Fernando’s crime. “What happened to Pablo was hell. That night we were together, he went to my house. He left at 5 and we agreed to meet the next day. When I arrived, he had just gotten up from his nap and suddenly the police came and took him away. I couldn’t believe it. I did not drop the tab. What happened made me very helpless because everyone spoke ill of him, but no one listened to him. When he was released it was a relief, but the fight is not over yet”.

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Both exchanged chats, where they expressed their disgust for the defendants, whom they knew from Zárate. “I hope the good ones go to jail (sic)”Santoro said.

A few days after the crime, infobae Zárate toured and spoke with the defendants’ neighbors to try to reconstruct who they were. The eldest said things similar to those that Santoro referred to this Thursday in front of the court in Dolores. they talked about “nights of going to rot” to the Apsara disco, one of the main ones in the city. “Constantly,” a local boy who knows them added shortly after the crime: “A problem would appear over a girl and it would start. It’s not because of the alcohol. I do not think. Sometimes they didn’t even drink.” Fernando didn’t even die for a dispute over a womanor by a war of urban tribes, by an ideology. He died from a drink spilled on a shirt.”

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