Own housing for orphans in Udmurtia is not suitable for normal living

According to the head of the RF IC Alexandra Bastrykinaown housing orphans Udmurtia does not meet the standards of normal living.

As writes, out of 288,000 orphans in Russia who are in line to receive their own housing, only 49,000 receive it. However, these apartments in fact turn out to be unsuitable for normal life, the RF Investigative Committee noted.

The department added that the number of orphans who need housing is growing, and in 2022 their number increased by 6 thousand people. Bastrykin stressed that it often happens that local officials simply refuse to add orphans to the lists of those in need of housing. The head of the UK promised to call to account indifferent and dishonest officials who are indifferent to the fate of orphans.

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