Ovsyannikova escaped from house arrest: “Hidden in an unknown direction”

Ex-husband of the former editor of Channel One Marina Ovsyannikova said that she fled in an unknown direction, taking her daughter with her.

RT channel employee Igor Ovsyannikov said that his ex-wife escaped from house arrest with their 11-year-old daughter.

The woman, who became famous thanks to her one-man picket on the air of the Vremya program on the federal channel, was placed under house arrest on August 11. She received such a measure of restraint after her exit with pacifist slogans against a special operation in Ukraine to Sofiyskaya embankment in Moscow.

Ovsyannikova’s ex-husband is trying to deprive a woman of parental rights. He filed a lawsuit demanding the removal of common children from the ex-wife.

Earlier, the former editor of Channel One Ovsyannikova explained that she expected to hold in prison two or three years.

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