Over the past day, the enemy shelled 30 settlements in eastern Ukraine

Over the past day, the enemy shelled 30 settlements in the east of the country.

About this in Facebook Grouping of the United Forces reports, Ukrinform reports.

“Over the past day, the enemy fired on 30 settlements in eastern Ukraine. At the time when Putin was talking about the protection of civilians in the Donbass at the parade, aerial bombs, rockets and shells flew into densely populated cities: Mariupol, Severodonetsk, Slavyansk, Popasna, Lysichansk, Kramatorsk, Rubizhnoye, Privolye, Novodruzhesk, Nikolaevka, Liman, Zolote, large and small towns and villages,” the message says.

It is noted that as a result of continuous shelling by Russian troops, 28 multi-storey and private residential buildings were destroyed or significantly damaged, in particular, four high-rise buildings in Avdiivka. There are civilian casualties.

As a result of air raids and artillery shelling by Russians on May 9 in the Luhansk and Donetsk regions, 13 civilians were killed, at least 10 were injured.

Over the past day, rashists damaged: St. George Skete (Volina village) and the Skete of St. John of Shanghai (Adamovka village) of the Svyatogorsk Holy Assumption Lavra, an agricultural technical school (Slavyansk), a water supply boiler station along with several high-rise apartments (Avdeevka) , a power line that fed, among other things, a water supply pumping station (Nikolaevka), a fire and rescue building (Seversk), as well as gas pipelines, garages, cars and other civilian objects.

It is noted that the units of the State Emergency Service, which are part of the Joint Forces group, have left 24 times over the past day to provide assistance to the population and eliminate the consequences of hostilities. In the Donetsk and Lugansk regions of Ukraine, 10 fires were extinguished, including a gas pipeline in Lastochkino, Pokrovsky district and a five-story apartment building in Seversk.

The pyrotechnic crews of the State Emergency Service were involved seven times to survey the territory for the presence of explosive objects. 65 EPs were identified and neutralized in Bakhmut, Kramatorsk, Volnovakhsky, Pokrovsky districts.

Rescuers also provided humanitarian assistance, brought technical and drinking water, provided electricity using mobile generators in seven locations, in particular, in Dobropolye, Toretsk, Avdeevka, Lysichansk. 94 people were evacuated, including residents of Belogorovka, Severodonetsk region, who were rescued after an air strike on the village school.

As Ukrinform reported, battles for the settlements of Voevodovka, Toshkovka and Nizhne continue in the Luhansk region.

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