Our beauty is going to Miss Universe 2022: a dress made of a thousand rhinestones and 90 rivals from around the world

22-year-old Anna Linnikova is called "improved copy of Natalia Vodianova".  Photo courtesy of the Competition Directorate "Miss Russia".

22-year-old Anna Linnikova is called “an improved copy of Natalia Vodianova.” Photo provided by the management of the Miss Russia contest.

Whatever sanctions the raging world imposes, beauty cannot be canceled: On January 14, our Anna Linnikova will take the stage of the Miss Universe 2022 contest in New Orleans. The most beautiful Russian woman, who is called “an improved copy of Natalia Vodianova”, has not only a puppet appearance. Bend your fingers. Firstly, experience: Anya has been working as a model since the age of 16, including abroad. Secondly, education: Miss Russia 2022 is fluent in English, studying French and preparing to become an art critic. Thirdly (and most importantly, girls), she can eat a bag of sweets and not gain weight: a real witch! And anyway, if beauty is really supposed to save the world, why not be with blond curls, blue eyes and a waist of 59 cm?

– Well, Anya, it’s a month before the final. What is the most effective diet? – we immediately asked Linnikova during an international call: Anna is now in Kazakhstan, is applying for an American visa (in Russia, for obvious reasons, this is impossible to do).

– Diet? So that you understand, today I bought a huge package of sweets – marmalade, chocolate, waffles, buns, and have already eaten almost everything. I don’t diet. If the body asks for something, I do not restrict it. But the next day I already want healthy food. I think it’s because of this balance that I’m not getting better. And also, because I often go to the gym: I go to functional circuit training with small weights up to 10 kg and stretching, sometimes yoga.

Photo courtesy of the Competition Directorate "Miss Russia".

Photo provided by the management of the Miss Russia contest.

– How do you prepare for the competition?

– Now there are a lot of organizational issues related to entry into the States. For example, you need to get vaccinated against the coronavirus: this is still a mandatory item for visiting America. I’ve already given the first dose, it’s time for the second. At the same time, I am applying for a visa for talents – this is a special visa for creative people. There is nothing to complain about – everything goes according to the protocol as much as possible: I collected all the necessary documents, filled out the questionnaire on the website and now I am waiting for the interview.

And most importantly, of course, preparation for the contest itself. Every day I study with an English tutor, improve the language. On December 18, I have an official interview for Miss Universe, I need to be fully armed. I am also rehearsing a fashion show in dresses, and of course I am mentally preparing myself: after all, I have to represent the country. A lot of work.

– When there is a free minute, how do you relax?

– Today I just poured tea, turned on the series and went to bed. At home, I do the same, only with the cat – she lies down on the next pillow.

– The main question: tell us about the outfits.

– I have two luxurious dresses. The first outfit is national, made in the style of the Romanov era, based on the diadem of Empress Alexandra Feodorovna Romanova (as well as the Miss Russia 2022 crown – Ed). This is a completely luxurious and rich dress, embroidered with Swarovski stones – I think there will definitely be 1000 rhinestones there. I am sure that from the stage it will shine and shimmer like a real diamond.

The second outfit – evening – is also stunning, with a train. It is impossible to show or even talk about it yet. But I can guarantee one thing for sure: it will be a wow effect! They say that a girl should open one thing: the neckline or legs. But I couldn’t decide, so I chose both. But it will be appropriate, you’ll see! By the way, this dress is made according to my individual measurements, and after the competition I can keep it for myself.

– What can you say about competitors?

– I am determined not to compete with someone, but to show myself and adequately represent our country. There will be about 90 participants, which is a lot. Some girls, by the way, have already subscribed to me on social networks. Of these, I singled out a few favorites: a chic blonde from Germany, charming participants from Korea, Great Britain. Actually, they are all beautiful. When we called up on Zoom as part of the Miss Universe, and all the girls appeared in front of the cameras in turn, I looked and thought: “God! What beauties! The choice will be very difficult.

Photo courtesy of the Competition Directorate "Miss Russia".

Photo provided by the management of the Miss Russia contest.

– What do you think, what chances do Russian girls have now? The Slavic type has somehow not been crowned lately, give everyone exotic.

– I do not agree. The Slavic type does not go out of fashion. No matter how much I watch fashion shows – Paris, Milan – I see Russian girls everywhere. Therefore, there are always chances.

– Do you know what they call you “an improved copy of Natalia Vodianova”?

– I really like her. This is not my role model, we just have one type – baby face, when an adult girl looks like a child. This type, by the way, is very popular in Asia, so I always had a lot of work there. And the girl from whom I would like to learn a lot is the American actress and fashion model Blake Lively. She is beautiful, smart, funny, doing business.

– And what should be “Miss Universe”?

– The crown is given not just to beauties. Miss should have her own social mission – charity, some social projects. For example, I help homeless animals, travel around the country to various shelters, including in my native Orenburg. And now we have planned a number of projects to help sick children, and in December I will actively deal with them.

– What has changed in your life after winning the Miss Russia? And by the way, where did you spend the prize of 1 million rubles?

– I’m still looking forward to how to use it usefully. Otherwise, everything is the same: I gave interviews before, for example, when I worked as a model in Asia, I also got used to photo shoots. Only the inner feeling has changed, because this year I am the face of Russia in the field of beauty. This is a great responsibility.

– And what happens in ordinary life, not related to beauty contests? Study, work, personal life?

– I am studying – now I am transferring to an art historian, collecting documents (before that, Linnikova received an education in the field of PR. – Ed.). I continue to work, I would like to try myself as a model in Europe, for example, in Paris. I also have a business that is now on pause – my own line of women’s clothing, and I really want to start this project again. But on a personal silence – I don’t even have a young man.

– ???

– Well, many people think: a beautiful girl, and even with a title – how to approach her. So no one dares to meet. And even in social networks, no one writes to me and does not call me on a date. And for me it is important that a man takes the first step.

– And what is he, your dream man?

– First of all, responsible: said – done. I have a dad like that. I want to meet a smart, kind, loving person who constantly strives for something more. And of course, it is important for me that a person be on the same level with me – financial, social. Equal or higher, so that I have something to strive for. But this is all for the future: for the next month, my thoughts are occupied only by Miss Universe.


Anna Linnikova

Height – 173 cm, weight – 50 kg

Options: 85–59-88

Age: 22 years old

Family: mother Natalya Vladimirovna is an economist, father Vladislav Petrovich is a programmer, brother Yegor is finishing 11th grade.


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