Ostudin commented on the possibility of closing the show “Evening Urgant”

Musical critic Alexey Ostudin hopes that the Evening Uragnt program will not be closed.

The network is actively discussing the imminent closure of the evening program “Evening Urgant”. Information appeared that in the Ostankino television center they noticed how the scenery of “Evening Urgant” was being dismantled. Correspondents of “MK” contacted the press service of Channel One and asked if things are really the way they are written about on the Web.

“Dog nonsense,” said a spokesman for Channel One.

Music critic Alexei Ostudin, in an interview with MK, noted that not all TV presenters are able to cope with such formats. The leader needs the ability to improvise, irony and a sense of humor. So, for example, TV presenters of Western analogues are artistic and bright people who are permanent hosts of evening shows.

“For Channel One, Evening Urgant was a matter of honor, because they succeeded,” Ostudin said.

The critic recalled that the program was not created by Ivan alone. “Evening Urgant” is a large creative team, each of whose members is engaged in their own business.

“Moreover, there were even scenes, as with Jackie Chan, when he portrayed a guest worker in the corridors of Ostankino. Interviews with Russian artists were not typical, as we are used to. Nobody creeped before the artists,” the critic noted.

Ostudin expressed the hope that Vecherny Urgant would not be closed, because, in his opinion, there would be nothing to replace the program with.

“What is there to watch? Another political show? If the program is closed, it will be a very big loss not only for Channel One, but for the entire Russian television,” Ostudin said.

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