Orwell wrote about the twilight of liberalism. The fall of the year 1984, the Kremlin has its own capital contribution Svt

For many years we thought Orwell described totalitarianism, but it is one of the globlnch l. Orwell wrote about the end of liberalism. He wrote how liberalism would lead humanity into a dead end. He did not write about the Soviet Union, he wrote about a society in which he said, about the collapse of the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčliberalism, said a few years of Russian diplomacy, often for his passionate defense of Russia mocked Putinova friewill meet students in Yekatrinburg on Saturday.

But vm they said he wrote about vs. Therefore, say that he did not write about us, but about them. According to E1, Zacharovov answered the question of one of the students that a friend and a relative living abroad perceive reality in Russia as a reflection of Orwell’s romance and what he should answer them.

Russian translator Orwell for Viktor Golyev bag interpretation of speech did not. In my opinion, it’s about the totalitarian state. When he wrote it, it was their twilight, but between the two world wolves, the totalitarian states occupied Europe. Golyev said of the day of the twilight of liberalism, Golyev said at the social meeting. I can’t say that (Orwell’s romn) is about the present Russia, he added according to the BBC.

In November 1984, Orwell describes the lives of the common people in the totalitarian tyranny of Big Brother. The book has become one of the most famous anti-utopians ever. Terms like newspeak, doublethink and the slogans The Wolf Is Mr, Freedom Is Slavery And Big Brother Watches are very emotional as a warning against the onset of totalitarian myths. Due to its anti-authoritarian spirit, the book is often forbidden in non-democratic regimes.

This week, for example, the Belarusian series began selling 1984. The opposing letter Naa Niva informed about it with a dark copy of the available nazen. Withdraw from the sale of all editions of Orwell’s book 1984. Fulfillment of the order to report by May 19, quoted a letter from the report. He added that he did not know how many bookstores the instruction tk.

The cannon was drilled into blorutina in 1992. The new edition was made last year and reprinted due to a large increase last year. Even in a hundred bookstores, romance has hit the top bestsellers. It is rare in the case of the book, which was first published many years ago. And the reflection of how the people take note of what is happening in the country, the daily wrote. He added that the political police arrested the publisher of the book this Monday.

In the description, the English writer George Orwell (19031950) was inspired by his experience of working in the civilian wolf in Spain, where he came into contact with the communist secret police. It is his last work, the publishing house was half a year before his death. In Farm invited from 1945 he again dramatically described how the origin of the government of the people and how the self-sufficiency of mythicism can be abolished.

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