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In recent weeks, billboards have flooded the country, saying that Za Babiš was better. They allegedly feature ordinary and authentic people who are dissatisfied with the situation in the Czech Republic. At least that’s how the YES movement presents and explains the campaign.

“It simply came to our notice then. A huge number of people turn to us. Dozens, hundreds of people write every day that they are dissatisfied. They ask me questions about how this or that will be. They are authentic people who had the courage to put their face into the campaign, “said Alena Schillerová a week ago in the Terezia Tománková Party talk show on CNN Prima News.

She added that the YES movement pays for the posters along the Czech roads and that the people on the billboards entered the campaign voluntarily and are not “paid actors”.

Her words were also confirmed by the movement’s spokesman Martin Vodička, who added that the campaign “will be paid from the operating account, later, when we know definitively which senate districts we will occupy, we will transfer a proportion of them to the senate election account.”

The faces of the billboards are party members

But the statements of the chairwoman of the YES parliamentary group and the spokesperson of the movement contradict reality. Watchdog for example, he drew the attention of Nikola Staňková to the Brno council of the Brno-sever district. She says on the billboard that (Babiš) “gave money to the families.”

Even Brno’s councilor for YES, Nikola Staňková, does not fit into the concept of ordinary people. | photo: Repo video movement YES

“Yes its me. It was my initiative, “she confirmed her identity on a poster and video at Staňková. She recently appeared at a meeting in the parliamentary office with Alena Schillerová and other supporters from the Young YES movement.

There would be nothing special about it if one of the posers was not another face of the campaign, student Adam (second from the left). He also on the billboard around the roads, as evidenced by this Joachim Wedel’s tweet, he says of the former prime minister Babiš, allegedly his words, “he did not talk”. The billboard no longer admits that this is a person associated with the YES movement in this case as well.

Student Adam is a member of the Young YES movement.

Another of the deciphered people is Mr. Daniel, according to whom “it was better under Babiš.” Andrej Babiš himself shared the video on which he shares his story and dissatisfaction with the current government of Petr Fiala on his Facebook profile.

Daniel Vodák is a member of the Chrudim branch of the YES movement, and at the same time he is one of the faces of the campaign.

However, the video no longer contains information that it is Daniel Vodák, a member of the Chrudim cell of the YES movement. He is not a former member, he is still politically involved.

Profile of Danial Vodák on the website of the Chrudim cell movement YES.

“I originally thought it was a campaign before Babiš’s election as president, but rather it seems that they put everything together. It is not only an effort to strengthen the preferences of the YES movement against this government, but also the preparation for the municipal elections that await us in the autumn, “political scientist Lukáš Valeš commented on the campaign with” ordinary people “for

A spokeswoman for Vodička further wrote to the editors that the movement had publicly spoken since the beginning of the campaign that, in addition to supporters, members of the movement could also appear in their spots. “The most important thing for us is absolute authenticity, that is, for those people to say what they really have in mind. They speak for themselves and describe their lives and their feelings. We did not limit anyone or, on the contrary, did not determine what to say, “wrote Vodička.

The StB confidant also collaborated on the campaign

One of the first recognized faces of the new YES campaign is the 82-year-old pensioner Václav. He says on the billboard, “I won’t have anything left in retirement. It was better for Babiš! ”. In fact, it is Václav Jelínek, a supporter of the movement, who shares a number of photos from the party movements in which he participated on his Facebook profile. As the only face of the campaign so far, he is not a member of the YES movement.

He pointed out his identity on a Twitter account The last scout.

But Jelínek’s past is also interesting. He worked in leading positions of companies such as VÚMS Praha, Unit Expert sro Přelouč, CHEMA spol. s ro, Tesla Přelouč or Tesla Hradec Králové. According to his statement he also completed an internship at the French company Honeywell Bull and was the chairman of the Council of Printed Circuit Board Experts in the Czechoslovak Republic for seventeen years.

In addition, after looking at Cibulka’s lists of former secret security agents, which are also available online, it can be read that the man Václav Jelínek, 1939 (82-83 years, pos. Ed.)who was a confidant of the secret service. He joined the counterintelligence just before the revolution on October 2, 1989. The Communists led him under the nicknames Spojař or Chairman.

Evidence from the online database of former secret security collaborators that Jelínek was a confidant of the StB.

“Mr. Václav refuses conscious cooperation (with the StB, editor’s note). It is not even true that he was a member of the YES movement, he is our fan and supporter, “replied Vodička.

Nevertheless, political scientist Valeš does not think that this fact would bother the YES voters in any way. After all, the shadow of cooperation also hovers over the former prime minister and party leader Andrej Babiš, who opposes it.

“Left-wing voters will forgive him for a shift with better socio-economic conditions. If YES enforces the proposals that it should now have in parliament – to significantly reduce the tax burden on fuel – it is a more important benefit for their voters, “says Valeš.

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