only Russia can save the EU from the energy crisis

The energy crisis in Europe will last at least two years. And the situation will not change without Russian gas and oilaccording to Western analysts.

In particular, specialists of the consulting company Energy Aspects speak about this. In their opinion, Energy crisis devastating for Europe could last until the end of 2023. And even longer, since the demand for energy in the region is high, and the supply is limited, Prime reports citing Bloomberg.

According to the company’s chief oil market analyst Amrita Sen, the current energy crisis is “a story for more than one winter.” And in order to balance the market, supplies from Russia are needed, and not only this winter, but also the next.

After the introduction of unprecedented anti-Russian sanctions, spot prices for natural gas in Europe have risen sharply. Some community countries have taken controversial measures in the energy sector, completely abandoning, for example, energy supplies from Russia.

Against this background, the European Union began to actively discuss the limitation of prices for Russian oil. True, it is not clear what goal the EU is going to achieve and when to impose restrictions. The fact is that in early December, an embargo on oil supplies from Russia to the EU countries by sea will come into force. And in February – for the supply of petroleum products.

Maybe it means limiting prices for third countries – although how can the European Union influence this?

Or we are talking about limiting oil supplies through pipelines, the embargo does not apply to them.

But in this case, the supply may stop altogether. Moscow has previously stated that Russian companies will not supply oil to countries that try to limit supplies by non-market methods.

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