“One way train”: who will protect the Russian child

The intro to one of the popular video clips “One Way Train” by the American band of the 1980s was the inscription: “A million young people disappear on the streets of the United States.”

The fate of these guys is different. Some are found alive, others are not, others fall into the criminal chronicle. It is no coincidence that across the sea you can often see a photograph of a missing child on a bag of milk. And suddenly someone saw him.

This problem is not only in third world countries or the poorest countries in Africa, but also in very prosperous and well-fed. It is no coincidence that one of the congresses on the fight against child prostitution and drug addiction was held at one time in quiet Sweden.

The Internet is the engine of child abuse

As experts have noted, over the past few years, millions of children, mostly from poor countries, have been involved in some form of selling their bodies. For example, the prostitution of children organized for commercial purposes for “tourists” in Thailand or in other Asian countries. And with the advent of the Internet, the countries of the former socialist camp joined this criminal business. Of course, modern Russia has not remained aloof from this either.

Although the vice police of the USA and the EU, as well as the Russian Federation, are fighting the facts of sale on video media, the spread of child prostitution in social networks, they are adopting new legislation, but this problem still remains in the center of attention of the world community.

If we take at least information (official) from our media, there will be more than a dozen pages where we talk about missing children, teenagers, who, if they are found, have already been raped or killed. Here, of course, we can also talk about the theft of babies, whom criminals doom to death in advance, cutting out their “organs” to order.

And what about pedophilia, other types of perverts who quite regularly get into the media spotlight. Another thing is that some of them are acquitted by telephone law, others get off with a slight fright due to lack of evidence. Indeed, there is no body, and there is no case. And the missing and murdered children would be the future fathers and mothers of the disappearing population of Russia.

It can also be noted here that today not only adult offenders, but also peers of the affected girls and boys are often noted in violence against minors. Moreover, teenagers are not shy and are not afraid of any responsibility, exposing all this scum on the Internet.

People have lost faith, the meaning of life, spiritual guidelines

Of course, Russian society today is not healthy. What is the psyche of a child, a teenager who dismembers a kitten, a puppy alive, filming it on a mobile phone. What is the future of the new generations of Russia, who kick their peers in the face, filming it on the same mobile phone, mocking the homeless and the elderly. Earn a living online prostitution. The life of Russian kids begins with a mat – loving parents, rolling a child in a stroller, do not hesitate to swear all over the street. No, they don’t fight. They communicate.

There is nothing new here. And the reason often lies in our realities, or rather, in the collapse of the security system and often in an indifferent attitude towards other people’s children. Unfortunately, even if the president were to be hung with hundreds of human rights activists on youth affairs, nothing would change.

It would be better to abolish all these “ombudsmen” who are wasting tens of millions from the state budget, and transfer this money to the once abolished system in the structure of the Ministry of Internal Affairs “inspections for minors.” They are? Where?

At one time, in 1935, a decree of the Council of People’s Commissars “On the Elimination of Child Homelessness and Neglect” appeared, which in fact was a prologue to the creation in the police system – a structure responsible for working with minors. Later, the militia children’s room was transformed into a juvenile inspection, later into a department for the prevention of juvenile delinquency, and even later into a juvenile department.

You see our law enforcement officers on the streets of cities – no, and what can we say about control over our future generations. By the way, the executions of schoolchildren in Russian schools fall without stretch on the inactivity of our law enforcement officers. Although they can be understood. How to work as a frequently replaced district police officer in the same Moscow, which is not controlled by migration? But something must be done.

Today, the question and answer: why children become hostages of sexual exploitation or homeless children, has the form of a vicious circle. The answer seems to be banal: “socio-economic disorder” is to blame for everything. And what can be done to help children, who should be worked on by law enforcement agencies, social protection and guardianship agencies. Unfortunate parents must hold a cruel answer for children. And if they are socio-economically unsettled?

Now a class of “socio-economically” well-equipped has been added to them. But the latter usually get away with all the offenses. Or for money, or by acquaintance.

“Now it’s a completely different time. People have lost their faith, the meaning of life, spiritual guidelines. This means that they cannot pass all this on to their children,” one of the veterans of the Ministry of Internal Affairs once said.

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