One and a half year old girl in Orsk took Ibuprofen and got poisoned

A one and a half year old girl in Orsk took Ibuprofen due to an oversight by adults, she was taken to a local hospital with poisoning. Law enforcement officials are investigating the incident.

According to, a girl at the age of 1.5 years was taken to one of the medical facilities in Orsk. During the investigation, the police found out that she found and drank the medicine “Ibuprofen”, from which she got poisoned.

Law enforcement officers emphasized that such incidents happen due to the carelessness of adults.

“You need to store drugs in a place inaccessible to children, and do not leave babies unattended,” the Ministry of Internal Affairs reminded.

Previously in Orenburg schoolgirl diagnosed with surrogate alcohol poisoning. According to the information of the regional Investigative Committee of the ICR, the incident occurred in the Gaisky urban district. Its seven-year-old resident was taken to the children’s hospital in Novotroitsk. As investigators found out, the schoolgirl drank dangerous alcohol the night before in the company of friends.

Prior to this, cases of mass alcohol poisoning had already been reported in four municipalities of the Orenburg region – Adamovsky and Dombarovsky districts, Yasnensky urban district and Orsk.

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