Oncologist lists signs of skin cancer

Skin tumors, especially melanoma, are quite dangerous. With any cancer, it is always very important to make a diagnosis at an early stage, but with melanoma it is critical. Told about it Pravda.Ru Honored Doctor of the Russian Federation, pediatric oncologist Vladimir Krugly.

The doctor noted that with early detection of melanoma, the outcome of recovery approaches 100% of cases. But if the diagnosis is made at later stages, then the results of treatment will be completely different.

“And it’s also very important to understand that these tumors of the so-called external localization are visible, and it’s a shame when everything is in sight, but the diagnosis is made late. The outcome is sad,” said the doctor.

According to him, a malignant neoplasm on the skin can be suspected by a number of signs. These are any changes in a nevus, that is, a birthmark, which almost all people have to one degree or another. Particularly, the change in the color of the part of the nevus, blurry borders, and so on should attract attention.

The interlocutor of the publication added that the emergence of a tumor from a nevus contributes to prolonged exposure to the sun.

“In general, exposure to the sun is dangerous, first of all, for the elderly. The older the age, the greater the likelihood of a nevus tumor – melanoma. And this is especially dangerous for white-skinned people,” the oncologist noted.

If melanoma is suspected, dermatoscopy is performed at the first stage. There is a special device that allows you to view an object at high magnification, and a computer program that analyzes photographs and helps to suspect a tumor with a greater degree of probability. Further, the decision is made by the attending physician, Krugly concluded.

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